About Tom

As Chief Marketing Officer at Moore Barlow, and a member of the firm’s Executive leadership team, I have a shared responsibility for realising the ambitions of the business, as well as leading the firm’s marketing and brand strategies. What’s exciting for me is the central role our people and our purpose play in how we will achieve these.

Much like the firm, I like to do things differently – and have come to marketing from quite a different background. I studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester. At the time I thought I wanted to become an airline pilot or a yacht designer, but both involved a huge amount of maths, which has never been my strongest subject.

My passion for marketing surfaced after my degree, when working as a sailing, windsurfing and kayaking instructor. While teaching people of all ages and backgrounds, I discovered how each of us thinks and learns in different ways, and was fascinated by how people’s decision-making could be influenced. Since then I’ve always known what I wanted to do and to this day, building purposeful brands that drive growth and creating ambitious communications are what get me up in the morning.

Professionally, it has been my privilege to work with a number of global brands across a range of sectors, driving growth through focused brand strategy.

At Moore Barlow, I am equally excited about what the future holds. The firm’s purpose is to help people – our employees, our clients and our prospective clients – realise their hopes and aspirations for the future, in business and in life, and to address the challenges they might face to achieve these. Through being empathetic to their clients’ circumstances and by being exceptionally talented in their specialist areas, our lawyers live this purpose every day. Within that context, my role is to empower the business with the tools, resources and direction it needs to deliver this.

Outside of work, I have a wonderful partner, who is a highly talented lyric soprano with the most beautiful voice. I also really enjoy a great outdoor adventure, be that hiking, snowboarding, climbing, kayaking or going on travels. Currently I’m also studying part-time for an MBA with the Open University.