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Expert regulatory and public law legal services

Every business is confronted with a mass of regulatory requirements from health and safety to environmental regulations in its daily activities. We are here to help you, especially when regulators need to be carefully handled, your position explained and your brand protected.

The law is complex and no two cases are the same. We provide tailored advice and confident representation. Where decisions need to be challenged we regularly take cases to the High Court by way of Judicial Review and where necessary to the Supreme Court.

What is a regulatory dispute?

Regulatory dispute refers to the legal framework that governs disputes between regulatory bodies and individuals or organisations subject to their regulations. It involves the interpretation and enforcement of regulations, as well as the resolution of disputes that arise from regulatory actions or decisions.

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What regulatory and public law services do we offer?


Local planning authorities do not always make the correct decisions in the correct manner. These decisions are liable to challenge by way of Judicial Review. We act quickly – often you only have six weeks to bring a case to court. We have good relationships with leading sets of planning counsel. We are also used to dealing with high volumes of documentation.

Compulsory purchase

Often we are not simply dealing with the loss of property in compulsory purchase, but compensation for the adverse effects on the profits of a business. The very survival of a business can be an issue. We work with surveying and financial experts to ensure that you are properly compensated.

Health & safety

With many years of practical experience dealing with health and safety investigations and prosecutions, our lawyers are recognised as leaders in this area and with experts on hand you will regain control and protect your business.

Environmental health

The damage to one’s brand arising out of inadvertent mistakes can be catastrophic. We are experienced in dealing with the Environment Agency. When accidents have happened we can mitigate your loss.

Professional services

As professionals ourselves we understand the importance of professional status. Speak to us confidentially. We can represent you before your professional body and take the strain whilst working with you to ensure that the detailed circumstances around any problems have been appropriately communicated.

Trading standards

Whether the issue is the description of your goods and services, the packaging you use or transportation issues, we shall establish the facts and give you clear, relevant advice when you need it.

On course bookmaking and licensing

We act for the Federation of Racecourse Bookmakers and have been involved in seminal cases in the racecourse world on their behalf. We have a unique understanding of the law in this area. We welcome instructions from bookmakers and are experienced in dealing with the Gambling Commission.

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