When it’s necessary to terminate an employee’s employment, you can rely on our expert advice to protect your position.

  • Whatever the circumstances, if you have to proceed with termination of employment for any employee, it is essential to follow the correct legal procedures to avoid possible claims from them in the future.
  • Processes such as redundancy, restructuring and negotiating a settlement agreement can all be made simpler and legally compliant by having timely, expert advice from specialist solicitors.
  • Our employment team will guide you through the procedures from the earliest stage to the final conclusion, helping protect your position and easing the burden so you can concentrate on running your business.

Terminating an employee’s employment is usually a stressful experience for both parties, and it can become more of a worry for you if they subsequently make a claim against you, such as wrongful dismissal or unfair dismissal.

How you conduct every step of the process, such as giving the required notice of the termination of employment in these specific circumstances, needs to be carried out in adherence to current legislation.

Whether you are terminating an individual’s employment or making changes that could potentially result in many employees losing their jobs, it is highly advisable to take legal advice before you start, so you are aware of the possible pitfalls, and the penalties they could bring.

Discussing the situation with our team of specialist employment solicitors at Moore Barlow will help put your mind at ease, whether you want support with practical steps such as sending a termination of employment letter, or with ensuring you give the correct notice period for termination of employment in this case, we can provide specialist assistance.

With our wide ranging and in-depth experience, we can point out the risks in processes such as redundancies, restructuring and settlement agreements, and how to mitigate against them by following the correct, legally compliant procedures.

The termination of any employment contract is never easy, and the correct procedures to follow can vary, depending on the types of termination of employment contract that are involved.

We will support you throughout the process to ensure it goes as planned, and provide extra guidance if there are sudden, unexpected events. You can depend on us to keep you up to date, provide clear and helpful explanations, and take on as much of the burden as possible, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

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