Recovering your debts quickly and cost-effectively letting you get on with business

A debt can be a distraction, and needs to be recovered quickly and cost-effectively. Unpaid debts could harm your business, from affecting cash flow to damaging your reputation. Acting quickly and appropriately is vital to ensure the matter doesn’t drag on. Our team of debt recovery experts will take decisive action and deliver the right results.

End your worries

If you need to recover a debt, you’ll want it done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, without it becoming a distraction to your business or personal life.

Unpaid debts can be massively damaging for any business. It can affect your cash flow, which in turn can create uncertainty, cause issues with paying your own staff and suppliers and ultimately harm your reputation.

Acting quickly and taking the right course of action is imperative to ensure the matter doesn’t drag on and to get debts paid as quickly as possible. There are specific steps you can take to achieve a speedy and effective resolution.

Experts in debt recovery

Our debt recovery specialists are well-known for taking decisive action and delivering the right results. We will support you with a complete debt recovery service, including pre-issue recovery, issuing claims in the County Court and High Court, and enforcement of judgments. In some circumstances, County Court or High Court proceedings may not be the most effective method of recovery, so our debt recovery experts will discuss alternative options with you, such as insolvency proceedings or possession and sale proceedings.

Our tailored commercial advice is focused on collecting debts quickly and economically. We are experienced, committed and highly motivated to achieve the result you want. Where litigation is necessary, we’ll discuss and agree our fees before starting work, so you can be sure the action is justifiable and worthwhile.

Keeping you informed and confident about the outcome is vital and a central aspect of our service. We can also advise on and help you develop and improve your credit control procedures.

Why Moore Barlow?

We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach which not only includes comprehensive debt recovery services, but also our insights and expertise in related matters such as property, commercial, insolvency and dispute resolution. So whether you are a large lending institution, national accountancy firm or a business owner, we can support you with practical advice and a comprehensive and seamless service.

We have offices in London, Richmond, Southampton, Guildford, Lymington and Woking, meaning we are ideally placed to offer specialist debt recovery assistance on a local and national level.