Providing legal advice for recruitment, promotion, employment status, tailored to your business

  • As an employer, you need to be sure you are recruiting, employing and promoting staff in a way that’s fully legally compliant.
  • If an employee or team leaving could potentially harm your business due to confidentiality or competition issues, you should have protective measures in place from the beginning and be ready to act.
  • Our specialist employment solicitors will advise you on best practice, ensure you are compliant and help you protect yourself when necessary with effective agreements and covenants.

It’s often said that employees are a company’s greatest asset, and with good reason. Since you rely on your employees’ contribution to your business, it’s essential to ensure you follow all the correct procedures for ensuring they can legally work for you, recruiting and promoting them fairly and managing the impact on your business if a key individual or team leaves to work for a competitor.

Knowledgeable, up to date legal advice is essential as employment law changes fast. Failing to comply with the latest legislation can be costly, both in terms of penalties and harming your reputation. That is why the support of specialist employment solicitors is invaluable.

At Moore Barlow, we have advised businesses on all the legal aspects of their recruitment and employee management for many years, and we bring you the benefit of this experience. We will help you avoid potentially discriminatory practices, advise you on best practice, minimise the risk of claims or penalties and ensure that if need them, you have the protection of effective agreements, covenants or injunctions.

We have offices in London, Woking, Lymington, Southampton, Richmond and Guildford. Contact us for specialist advice and support for your business.