Overcoming the challenges to help you resolve your international relationship breakdown

As a leading international family law firm, we have extensive experience of supporting our clients with specialist knowledge and advice to help resolve their international relationship issues.

If you are living with or are married to someone from outside the UK, or you have been living in another country, the situation becomes more complicated legally if your relationship breaks down.

One of the main issues is in which jurisdiction the divorce or other family issues are settled, especially if your relationship breaks down outside the UK. This could be time-sensitive; when proceedings are issued can influence where they take place. If children are involved and are currently in another country, with whom they live and visiting arrangements can become even more emotionally charged issues. There may be aspects of international relocation to consider, if you each wish to live in different countries after the separation or divorce.

Financial assets and wealth protection are other aspects that may become more complex when they involve different jurisdictions. Pre and post-nuptial agreements can be especially helpful in resolving matters, provided they are drawn up to accommodate international law in different jurisdictions.

We have considerable experience of dealing with international divorce and family law matters. Many of our clients are ex-pats living abroad or people who have married non-UK nationals and have homes in both countries. As an experienced international family law practice, we recognise and understand the complications that can arise from international relationship issues and have the resources and knowledge to give you appropriate, pragmatic advice. We also work closely with specialist Barristers, who can provide support rapidly when we are dealing with urgent issues.

Some of the areas in which our expert assistance is most often requires in relation to international family law include:

  • Divorce jurisdiction , the country in which the divorce will take place.
  • Child abduction , when a child is unlawfully removed by one parent or a third party from the other. It’s essential in cases like these that you act quickly with a legal response.
  • Relocation , when one partner wishes to relocate to another country after the separation, where family laws may be different.
  • Divorce finances , making sure that your interests are represented in the final financial agreement.

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