Supporting you with specialist employment advice regarding your senior executives and directors

  • Senior executives can be shareholders and directors as well as employees, and require a specialist legal approach.
  • It is important to have contracts and service agreements that will protect the business interests effectively and to be aware of all the potential issues if there is a dispute.
  • Our expert team of director dispute solicitors will give you informed and helpful advice covering all the legal aspects of employing senior executives and directors, helping you benefit from a productive relationship and minimising risk.

What is employment law in relation to directors?

Director related employment law refers to the legal obligations and rights of company directors in relation to their employment. This includes issues such as directors’ duties, remuneration, and termination.

Your senior executives and directors make a significant contribution to your business and if one (or several) of them should leave, it will have a correspondingly significant impact. Of course you’ll hope they will part on good terms, but if there is a dispute involved then you will need to be prepared, by having contracts, service agreements and covenants in place to protect the business interests.

The departure of a senior executive can be particularly complex because, as well as being an employee, they may also be a shareholder and possibly a director. This adds extra complications because you will be dealing with shareholder agreements and company laws, as well as employment laws.

How Moore Barlow can help

Acting incorrectly could result in the senior executive taking you to court or an employment tribunal, and the penalties could be significant. To avoid this risk, it’s essential that you have specialist legal advice from experienced employment and director dispute solicitors.

Our dedicated employment team has wide-ranging experience of preparing contracts and service agreements for senior executives and directors, and in providing advice for aspects such as confidentiality, covenants, team moves and disputes. We will provide the expert support you need, ensuring attention to detail and moving quickly when, for example, you need urgent action such as an injunction. You can trust us to be effective, efficient, practical and dependable in all areas of employment law, with our executive and director dispute solicitors offering specialist advice and support for your business..

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