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We offer your organisation specialist help and advice from experienced legal professionals, supporting you to navigate the requirements which apply to the charity and independent school sectors.

We understand that the whole regulatory framework it is both complex and tricky to manage. That’s where Moore Barlow can help.

Our dedicated team of solicitors will support you with practical and clear advice. We are accessible and approachable, explaining legal matters in plain, easy to understand language. Ultimately, we will provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that your charity or independent school is legally sound and compliant.

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Moore Barlow – a bespoke legal service

Every charity and independent school is unique. With legal professionals spanning all areas of law, we have the people and sector knowledge to create and deliver a tailored strategy to help you stay compliant and achieve your business goals.

With decades of experience focussing on the charity and education sectors, the range of legal services and support we can offer is vast. With Moore Barlow, you can feel confident that your bespoke requirements are supported by legal experts of the highest quality.

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In a sector which can feel overwhelmed by regulatory demands, we will help you ensure your charity stays compliant and prospers.

Independent schools

Providing practical solutions and legal advice for independent schools in the UK.

How we help charities

Our solicitors can help you set up, run and manage your charity, ensuring you are compliant with law and best practice, as well as help protect the intellectual property and branding that you have produced. As you grow and develop we can advise you on how to restructure your organisation, allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities.

If you are planning on closing operations or merging your charity with another organisation, we can handle legal issues and ensure it’s a smooth transition. These are just some of the services we offer.

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How we help independent schools

We’re also vastly experienced in providing legal services for independent schools. Operating in a sector with extra responsibilities such as safeguarding of pupils, the legal responsibilities are unique.

This is where we can help, offering legal advice across all aspects of employment and HR, governance, property strategy and management, safeguarding and relations with parents.

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With legal specialists across all of these different areas, our team of experienced and respected property and rural lawyers are based in London, Richmond, Southampton, Guildford, Lymington, and Woking.

If you require advice or assistance from a charity or education solicitor, contact our team at Moore Barlow today to see how we can help.

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