This is a complex area where we provide tailored advice and provide representation. No two cases are the same and often human rights need protection. 

We are specialists in the Judicial Review of the decisions of public or quasi-public bodies and take cases to the High Court by way of Judicial Review and to the Supreme Court where necessary. We are also confident participants in mediation where it is suitable.

Healthcare decisions especially at the end of life

We are specialists in handling such cases and have been involved in most of the major cases in the past 10 years, including Nicklinson in the Supreme Court and most recently this year in the case of Midrar Ali, which dealt with the meaning of brain stem death. We are used to handling cases involving various pathways that medical professionals use in dealing with Do Not Resuscitate decisions. 

Police investigations

We provide a comprehensive service which will cover initial advice; representation at an interview; dealing with the Crown Prosecution Service and representation at court. Our expertise covers a range of offences including fraud, those relating to the internet, firearm, assaults and domestic abuse. 

Motoring offences

We advise our clients on a broad range of motor related offences such as speeding, drink and drug driving, failing to provide driver details, failing to report an accident, failing to adhere to the terms of insurance cover and the like. 

Clients appreciate the manner in which we understand and explain their case fully to the authorities fight hard for them to achieve the right results. For our charges see here.

Department of work and pensions investigations 

We handle investigations over non-disclosure of assets, fraud and estate investigations. 

Claims against local authorities 

We regularly advise on the decisions made by local authorities which are sometimes made outside of or in breach of their powers. Sometimes proper procedure has not been followed or decisions are irrational or unfair. We often handle cases involving planning, education and welfare issues.

We have offices in London, Richmond, Southampton, Guildford, Lymington and Woking and offer specialist support to clients all over the country. Contact us for more information on how we can help.