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What is business mediation?

Business mediation is a process of resolving disputes between businesses through a neutral third party mediator. It involves negotiating and reaching a mutually acceptable agreement that avoids the need for litigation. The mediator helps parties to communicate effectively and find common ground to resolve their differences.

What is involved in business mediation?

Business mediation is a voluntary process to be entered into by parties involved in a commercial dispute, with the aim of finding a resolution to the issue with all parties in agreement and avoiding further legal action. Business dispute mediation can help to keep legal costs lower and provide a quicker way to find an agreement than the alternative of pursuing legal action in the courts.

The parties involved can each have their own legal representative at the mediation if they wish, or they can handle the process themselves. The mediator is independent and will guide the process without giving either party advice. The mediator’s focus is purely on the bringing the parities parties closer together so they reach a settlement.

At Moore Barlow, we have extensive experience in handling business mediations, whether for our clients or by providing a trained and accredited mediator. David Foster has assisted the parties settle settles over 90% of cases where he is has been appointed as mediator.

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David Foster

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What types of business disputes mediation can help with?

There are many reasons why a business might find itself caught up in a dispute. Many different types of dispute can benefit from the mediation process, rather than litigation. Some business mediation examples include:

  • Contract issues
  • Disputes between shareholders and directors
  • Professional negligence
  • Fraud
  • Partnership disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Inheritance and probate disputes
  • Trust disputes including TOLATA claims
  • Disputes with public bodies
  • IT disputes

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What is the business mediation process?

Whether the dispute involves mediation for business partners in a large global organisation or for family business disputes, the process will be largely the same. The involved parties will voluntarily agree to attend a single business mediation session, along with legal representatives if they wish, and the neutral business mediator will help facilitate discussions and negotiations.

The mediation itself usually lasts for no longer than a day and the aim is that an agreement is made between the parties during this meeting.

The business mediation process can help save both parties significant legal costs and can also bring about a much quicker resolution than potentially lengthy and costly legal action.

Business mediation is also confidential, which can be extremely important to those involved, especially if the dispute involves sensitive business information or parties wish to continue their business relationship.

How can our business mediation solicitors help?

Moore Barlow have extensive experience in the area of mediation and business law. We can assist our clients involved in a variety of different business disputes, offering expert advice at every stage.

We also have a team of trained and accredited business mediators that can be appointed as mediator to oversee mediation sessions. Whether you require family business mediation services, multinational organisation dispute mediation or anything in between, our team have the specialist knowledge and experience to help achieve the best possible outcome.

We can mediate anywhere: at our offices in LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington and Woking, on site or online. We pride ourselves in making the process as flexible as possible.

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