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Our private wealth lawyers offer a comprehensive range of services to help you protect and grow your assets, plan for the future, and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of.

Our team of experienced private wealth lawyers and advisors are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and goals, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your wealth is in safe hands.

With experience successfully helping a variety of clients, our team of private wealth lawyers will help find the best solution for you. Whether you wish to protect your estate, need support drawing up a legal document to secure your assets, or require assistance from a professional to manage your affairs, our solicitors can help you achieve the outcome you desire.

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Discover how our expert private wealth lawyers can help you.

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How Moore Barlow can help

We know that financial decisions and arrangements can be stressful, often impacting your personal and professional life. That’s why at Moore Barlow we approach each case with sensitivity and respect, talking you through the different options and finding a solution that works for you.

By choosing Moore Barlow you will have access to an abundance of expertise, providing you with an unrivalled legal service.

How can we help you and your family?

Probate services

When made the executor of someone’s estate, we can help you to understand the roles and responsibilities you have to fulfil.

Wealth succession planning

If you are thinking of passing down your estate to a loved one or relative, make sure your wishes are carried out and legally binding.

Wills, trusts, & estates

Create a structured plan to protect any personal wealth or assets, tailoring it to you and your family’s needs.

Private wealth disputes

If you are having doubts about those due to inherit your assets, or are facing a claim from another party, our solicitors can help you.

Mental incapacity

If you are worried about an individual’s ability to make decisions, we provide the support you need to make important choices for them.

Powers of attorney

Protect a loved one’s assets by ensuring that there is a trusted individual(s) to make sure that their last wishes are carried out properly.

Notary services

Giving you the option to manage personal affairs, by notarising forms and ensuring you have the correct documentation.

Why choose our private wealth solicitors?

Our private wealth solicitors offer a bespoke service tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that your wealth is protected and managed effectively. With extensive experience in advising high net worth individuals, we provide expert guidance on estate planning, tax mitigation, and wealth structuring. Our team understands the importance of discretion and confidentiality, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. Choose us for peace of mind and a comprehensive approach to managing your private wealth.

How can our private wealth solicitors help?

Let our private wealth solicitors offer expert guidance and support on a range of wealth management issues, including estate planning, tax mitigation, and asset protection. With a deep understanding of the complexities of private wealth management, our team can help you navigate the legal landscape to achieve your financial goals and protect your assets for future generations. Whether you need advice on trusts, wills, or inheritance tax, we have the expertise to help you make informed decisions and secure your financial future.

So if you are searching for an expert in private wealth law, regarding the managing of your personal affairs, contact our team. Alternatively, contact one of our regional office in London, Richmond, Southampton, Guildford, Lymington and Woking.

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Discover how our expert private wealth lawyers can help you and your family.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a private wealth solicitor do?

A private wealth solicitor specialises in providing legal advice and assistance to high net worth individuals regarding their personal finances and estate planning matters, including wills, trusts, tax planning, and asset protection. They also handle the administration of estates and the resolution of disputes related to private wealth.

Private wealth management in the UK ensures personalised financial advice and tailored investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals. This approach provides clients with comprehensive wealth management services, including wealth preservation, tax planning, and estate management, while adhering to the regulatory framework set by UK law.

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