Drafting contracts, service agreements, consultancy agreements and employee handbooks that make your employee relationships clear

  • An accurately drafted contract can eliminate any areas of doubt or misunderstanding, providing you with vital protection in the event of an employee dispute.
  • Our experienced specialist employment solicitors will create the contracts and service agreements you need, specifically tailored to your company and to individual employees.
  • We can also produce consultancy agreements and draft employee handbooks that are easy to read and understand.

Accurate and comprehensive documentation is the key to minimising problems with employment and HR matters. There is no substitute for a contract that has been drawn up specifically for your company by an experienced solicitor, who can incorporate the details and clauses that will minimise the chance of a dispute.

Whilst contract templates are available online, they don’t include the detailed variations required to definitively set out each individual’s specific working relationship. The relatively small savings they offer compared to a professionally drafted contract, would not compensate for the expense of a dispute arising from the inaccuracy of a ‘one size fits all’ template contract.

Our very knowledgeable employment solicitors have many years’ experience of drafting and tailoring employment contracts, service agreements and consultancy agreements. They will advise you on which areas to look out for, and ensure your contracts are drafted properly and cost-effectively.

We can review your existing contracts to make sure they meet your exact needs and accommodate any recent changes in employment laws. We can also draft your employee handbook for you, to ensure your employees have a clear understanding of and read your policies and procedures.

With expert staff based across our offices in London, Southampton, Woking, Guildford, Richmond and Lymington, we’re ideally placed to offer specialist advice and support on a local and national level.

Frequently asked questions

Our team are specialists in a range of essential employment documentation that we will tailor specifically to your business and your requirements, including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Employee handbooks

Our employment law solicitors are highly experienced in developing employment documentation that meets your business’ specific needs. Whether this involves reviewing and amending existing documentation or starting afresh, our specialist knowledge means that you can rest assured that your employment contracts and agreements are in good hands.

Our employment documentation specialists can help businesses of all sizes to ensure that their documents are in order and achieve the objective that they were designed for.

We can offer one-off advice or assistance on an ongoing basis, whenever it is required. Our range of expert legal services for businesses have been developed so that you can focus instead on the things that matter to your business, whilst we can take care of the essential documentation that you need to function smoothly and grow, both now and into the future.