Are your employment policies, procedures and handbooks up to date and legally compliant?

  • A staff handbook usually contains a company’s policies and procedures which give employees all the information they need about what they can expect at work and what is expected of them.
  • Handbooks are often incomplete, out of date or badly written, potentially leading to future problems.
  • We can produce an effective staff handbook for you, which contains all the information you want to convey, presented in an easily read and understood format.
  • Privacy notices give employees the information required under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What are policies and procedures?

Policies and procedures are written guidelines and instructions that set out how an organisation operates. They help to ensure that everyone in the organisation is on the same page and that the organisation operates in a consistent and efficient manner. Policies and procedures can cover a wide range of topics, including health and safety, data protection, and employment practices.

Employment law is constantly being amended and updated and there is no standard handbook that can be used for all businesses. It is important to take the time ensure you have a handbook that is specific to your business. Badly written or incomplete handbooks can leave any business exposed to potential problems, whereas with a well drafted handbook any employee can quickly and easily see what is expected of them, and what they can expect from the business.

Producing an effective handbook for you

We understand creating such a user-friendly handbook may seem like a daunting task, especially as you may want it to include information about terms and conditions of employment, company rules, holiday arrangements, and employment procedures and policies required by law in the UK.

Our expert employment team has extensive experience of creating staff handbooks, either entirely from scratch or by updating and bringing together current policies. We will produce a handbook for you that is up to date, comprehensive, practical and readable.

Producing a privacy notice

A privacy notice needs to contain information relating to what data the company holds about an employee why it holds this information and what it does with this information.

To be able to prepare this privacy notice you need to carry out an audit of personal data and we can assist you with carrying out this audit and preparing the necessary information.

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