Creating a consultancy agreement that brings clarity and eliminates uncertainty

  • A consultancy agreement sets out the terms under which a consultant or self-employed contractor will work for you.
  • A properly drafted consultancy agreement can save problems later if there is a dispute.
  • Our specialist employment solicitors can produce consultancy agreements that meet your exact needs.

What is a consultancy agreement?

A consultancy agreement is a contract between a consultant and a client in which the consultant agrees to provide their expertise and advice in exchange for payment. The agreement outlines the terms of the consultancy, including the scope of the work, the fee structure, and any confidentiality provisions.

How Moore Barlow can help

Using an external consultant or self-employed contractor is often more cost-effective than employing full-time staff, and gives you greater flexibility. However, although you don’t need a full employment contract to use a consultant, it is wise to have a consultancy agreement, between you and the consultant.

The consultancy agreement will regulate all aspects of the relationship, such as hours, pay and the employment status. By setting out the specific terms, it can help to settle any disputes, and gives you the opportunity to include clauses for aspects such as confidentiality and performance targets. It can also be used to help demonstrate to HMRC that the person is a consultant and not an employee; there is a very different legal distinction.

We can draft a consultancy agreement for you, either as a bespoke version for a specific consultant or project, or as a template which you can use again in the future. Please contact us, so we can discuss your consultancy agreement needs.

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