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Our employment lawyers in Woking can provide the advice and support you need for dealing with workplace legal issues.

  • Employment problems can come in many forms and it’s important that if you face issues in the workplace at any point in your career, you have the right support to navigate them
  • As an employee, you have a range of different legal rights, so it’s essential that you know where you stand if you experience problems at work that can’t be easily resolved
  • Whether it’s a dispute with your employer or a colleague, or you are facing redundancy, dismissal, harassment, discrimination or any other legal problem at work, we can help.

What work problems can our employment law solicitors in Woking help with?

Issues at work can happen at any stage of your career and can be daunting to try and navigate. Understanding your employment rights and where you stand from a legal point of view in relation to a workplace problem is very important and will help you decide on the best course of action for resolving the issue.

This is why it’s essential to get specialist advice from experienced employment law solicitors in Woking to get the best possible outcome from your situation.

Some of the most common reasons that people look for employment lawyers in Woking include:

  • Experiencing what you believe to be discrimination in the workplace
  • Being dismissed or made redundant from your job in a way you believe is unfair and unlawful
  • Being offered a settlement agreement by your employer and needing to understand the implications if you sign it
  • Having a dispute with your employer or a colleague that can’t be resolved using the standard complaint or grievance processes
  • Experiencing what you believe to be bullying or harassment at work

Having access to expert advice in these kinds of situations can make a real difference to the eventual outcome and ensure you have everything you need to make informed decisions about what action to take at every stage.

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Katherine Maxwell

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Types of employment law services in Woking

Our team of employment solicitors in Woking can offer expert advice and legal representation on issues including, but not limited to:

  • Employment contracts, including restrictive covenants and changes to working conditions
  • Discrimination in relation to a protected characteristic
  • Bullying or harassment at work
  • Unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal
  • Unlawful redundancy
  • Settlement agreements

Why choose Moore Barlow as your employment solicitors in Woking?

Whether you face employment issues during the recruitment process, while employed, while leaving or even after the employment has ended, you need to understand what your legal rights are and what options you might have if your employer has acted unlawfully.

Our specialist team of employment lawyers in Woking are ideally placed to provide you with all the expert advice you need to achieve the best possible outcome from your specific circumstances and help you move forward with your career.

Get in touch with our team of employment law solicitors in Woking to find out more about how we can help.

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