Providing a comprehensive and expert legal approach to resolving your boardroom disputes

  • Boardroom disputes have the potential to cause considerable damage to a business, so it is vital to find a solution as quickly as possible.
  • If the dispute can only be ended by removing a director, you will need to proceed carefully to avoid potential claims such as unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal.
  • Our specialist employment and boardroom dispute solicitors will work with our corporate and commercial teams to provide complete analysis and advice.
  • We will try to resolve the situation through negotiation, but if removing a director proves necessary we will ensure the correct process is followed precisely.

What is a boardroom dispute?

A boardroom dispute involves a disagreement between members of a company’s board of directors. It can involve issues such as strategic direction, management decisions, or conflicts of interest.

Is your business involved in a boardroom dispute and are you unsure how to resolve it?

You may be worried a dispute between directors could damage the business by preventing it from operating efficiently. If boardroom disputes are leaked, they have the potential to damage the firm’s reputation with clients and shareholders. This makes it vital to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

What is the legal position of a boardroom dispute?

Usually boardroom disputes will be resolved by either agreeing a solution or by removing one or more of the directors who are in dispute.

The area of law which surrounds boardroom disputes is complex. It will be necessary to go back and analyse how the company was set up, and how the articles of association deal with boardroom disputes or the removal of a director.

If the boardroom dispute is to be resolved by removing a director, the articles of association need to be read in conjunction with the director’s service agreement. It is important to proceed carefully, as the director being removed may make claims such as unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal. This is one reason why ensuring you have specialist support from experienced boardroom dispute solicitors is important for businesses.

How Moore Barlow can help

This area can be very complex and sensitive. The longer the process is drawn out, the more damage that could be caused. The earlier you seek our advice on boardroom disputes, the better chance we have of negotiating a resolution that satisfies all parties. If a resolution can’t be achieved, we will ensure the correct process is followed to minimise the chance of claims being made against the company.

Our specialist employment team and boardroom disputes solicitors would work closely with our in-house corporate and commercial teams, to provide you with a complete legal analysis of the situation and ensure you are fully advised.

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