If you have been wrongfully dismissed, we’ll help you seek to recover the damages owed to you.

  • Wrongful dismissal is when your employer breaches the terms of your contract when terminating your employment.
  • If you have a valid claim for wrongful dismissal, you should receive damages in compensation.
  • You will need expert legal advice, we will guide you through the process and make sure your damages are properly calculated.

Have you been dismissed without being given the correct period of notice or has a contractual procedure not been followed correctly?

Wrongful dismissal is solely based around whether the terms of the contract have been breached. Examples of wrongful dismissal include where the employer has terminated your contract without giving you the necessary period of notice or there is a breach of contractual disciplinary or redundancy procedure. There can be other reasons too.

What happens if it’s proved I have been wrongfully dismissed?

The only remedy available in wrongful dismissal claim is damages. Reinstatement and re-engagement, which are available in unfair dismissal claims, are not possible here.

If you think you have been wrongfully dismissed, then we will examine the facts, make sure the correct process is followed and ensure you receive the correct amount of damages. Throughout the process, we’ll explain every step clearly and support you all the way to its successful conclusion.

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