Providing businesses with legal support and specialist employment law advice in relation to employment injunctions

  • The role of employees within your business can be a significant one, and as part of their role, they often have access to sensitive company information, which could potentially be damaging to your business if shared with others, outside of your company.
  • If an employee’s duty of confidentiality is breached, this can pose a significant risk to your company and you have a right to take legal action to stop further breaches.
  • An injunction against the employee may be issued, which offers legal protection for your business against further breaches of confidentiality. Moore Barlow can help with every stage of the injunction process.

If a dispute arises with an employee who has breached, or you have reason to believe is likely to breach, your company’s confidentiality by sharing information and data without permission, you may be able to apply for an injunction to help stop any further breaches.

If you suspect that an employee has breached their duties, or plans to, it’s important to take action as quickly as possible to mitigate the potential damage and help make sure that no further breaches take place. Moore Barlow is experienced in dealing with these kinds of issues in businesses of all sizes and types, and can offer the expertise and specialist advice needed to take swift action, which may include an employment injunction against an employee.

What is an employment injunction?

An employment injunction is a legal order that prohibits an individual from engaging in certain activities, such as using confidential information or competing with their former employer.

Injunctions against directors and senior executives

If a director or another senior executive within your business breaches their duties and/or any agreements you have in place between you, e.g. a director’s confidentiality agreement, you are able to make a claim against them for any losses to your business that have occurred as a result. However, this process can take several months to pursue, which can mean that your business is at risk of further breaches in the meantime. To stop this from happening, you may be able to apply for an injunction to place legal restrictions on the individual in question.

An interim injunction is designed to place temporary legal restrictions on the actions of the individual in relation to the specific breach or breaches of duty, while the company is in the process of making a claim against them and until the final decision is reached.

How Moore Barlow can help

Moore Barlow’s team of employment law experts are ideally placed to act quickly when required, to follow appropriate legal procedures that will help to minimise the damage caused by the individual’s breach of their duties, and stop further breaches from taking place. As specialists in litigation, we can offer support across all areas of your business.

Our experienced team are based across our offices in London, Richmond, Woking, Guildford, Southampton and Lymington, and we offer expert support to clients up and down the country.