A sensitive yet resolute approach to your children’s welfare in an international divorce or relationship breakdown

Who your children will live with, and where, is one of the most critical decisions that will be made in an international divorce. Unless you have your ex-partner’s agreement to the arrangements, you will need expert legal support to secure the outcome you want.

When a family relationship breaks down, one of the most sensitive issues is the children’s welfare and how much time they will spend with each parent.

If you are living abroad, you may want to bring your children home, whether that’s to the UK or to another jurisdiction. This is where an international divorce can be particularly emotionally charged, as deciding where you are going to live and how much access you will have to your children is even more complex. It may mean you and your children have to travel from one country to another, just to see each other. International relocation of children can be complex, as legislation in the other country may differ from UK laws on the matter. To help achieve the best outcome for you and your children, you will need the assistance of an experienced international child relocation solicitor.

International relocation child issues can be complicated, but former couples can usually come to an arrangement that works for all parties, when they have the legal support needed to ensure that everyone’s interests are taken into account. Wherever you want to take your children, you will need either your ex-partner’s agreement or legal authority. This may have to be decided by a court in the country where you were living. The court is likely to consider where your children have lived, have their social ties and where they have been educated for most of the time. Also where your family has most of its assets , otherwise known as your fiscal base. Your children’s views will also be taken into account and the older they are, the greater their influence in this matter. For expert international child relocation advice, the team at Moore Barlow can help you at every stage of the process.

Why Moore Barlow?

You can trust our approach to be understanding and sympathetic to you and your children’s needs, and resolute and determined in our communications with your ex-partner. We will do everything possible to make sure your case is heard in the best jurisdiction for you, explain the proceedings and keep you informed throughout. If your ex-partner suddenly takes your child or children to another country without your consent, this is considered to be child abduction. Our team of experienced international child abduction solicitors can help you with a swift legal response to ensure their safe return.

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