Ensuring your finances are protected in an international divorce

  • International divorce laws vary on how they deal with financial settlements, so it’s important to find the best jurisdiction for you.
  • You will need specialist solicitors who are familiar with international divorce cases and know how the laws differ from country to country.
  • Our family law team is highly experienced in dealing with international finances and we can bring in our experts in related areas such as tax and real estate, for the most comprehensive and effective support.

In any divorce, it is important to secure a legally binding settlement for how the marital finances will be settled. In an international divorce, this becomes more complex because the laws vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Often settlements obtained in courts in England and Wales may be more favourable than those from other countries. In some other countries, for example, couples do not have to declare all their assets during a divorce, which can result in an unbalanced and unfair settlement. Other countries may also have different approaches to paying maintenance. Although you may decide you want your divorce case to be heard in England or Wales, be aware that an enforcement order made here may not necessarily be upheld in another country.

You will need specialist legal advice to clarify these and all the other critical financial aspects. These are likely to involve property, jointly owned assets, pensions, personal wealth and even businesses, so it is important to have the support of not only of experts in international divorce, but also solicitors who are specialists in related areas such as tax, trusts and real estate. We offer all this expertise, and will work as a co-ordinated, communicative team to make sure you secure the most advantageous result.

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