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If you have married a non-UK national or you live abroad as a married couple there could be international issues to consider on the breakdown of your marriage. Where the divorce takes place is critical, as other countries’ laws about the grounds for divorce, children, property and finance may not favour you. It could assist your case to be the first to issue the divorce proceedings, so you will have to move fast to ensure you get the right advise so that your case is heard in the country most appropriate for you.

At Moore Barlow, we are experts in family law and international divorce. We will, provide you with the specialist advice you need and react quickly to secure the results you want. We understand that these situations can require empathy and sensitivity, due to their unique and personal nature, which is why our expert family law team will provide you with a legal service bespoke to your situation.

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What is an international divorce?

International divorce refers to the process of dissolving a marriage between two individuals who are from different countries, or who reside in different countries. This type of divorce can be particularly complex due to the legal differences between countries, and may require the involvement of multiple courts and legal systems.

Why you might need help for an international divorce

If you or your spouse/civil partner live in England or Wales and one of you is national of or domiciled in another country, then you may need to consider where you can issue your divorce proceedings and you will need expert advice to assist as that decision can have many ramifications. If you are both living abroad temporarily but are habitually resident in England or Wales or domiciled here you may also need to consider where your divorce proceedings can be issued.

How does international divorce work?

The circumstances of your international divorce will be entirely based on which country it is taking place in and the laws that apply to divorce there. It can vary greatly if the divorce takes place in the UK, within the EU, or in a country outside of the EU.

At Moore Barlow, we have an experienced team of family lawyers who will provide you with expert advice and the support of an international network of lawyers, helping you navigate the process that applies to you and your marriage.

Do I need an international divorce lawyer?

Whether you are the party issuing divorce proceedings or the recipient in a divorce where there is an international element, it’s vital to ensure that you get expert legal advice as soon as possible to protect your interests and those of your children. You should seek advice promptly before decisions are made.

Is it best to start proceedings for divorce in the UK?

If you have married a non-UK national, you are domiciled in another country or you are living abroad as a married couple, it may be possible to start divorce proceedings in more than one country. When you are deciding where to issue those proceedings, some important considerations are where each of you are domiciled, where most of your assets are and whether orders from the courts of England and Wales can be enforced in the other jurisdiction. Your divorce does not have to take place in the country where you were married.

The decision about where to issue divorce proceedings can be urgent, as your spouse may want to take advantage of the laws in a different country which can make a considerable difference to the outcome.
Other countries’ laws about your divorce children, property and finance may not be beneficial to you in your favour. You will need specialist legal advice on how the outcome may affect your children’s living arrangements and your finances.

The laws of the country in which the first person issues their divorce petition may take precedence, so you will need to move quickly if you want your divorce to take place in the courts of England and Wales. We can confirm whether you meet the requirements for your divorce to be heard in the courts in England and Wales and, if it’s permitted, we will move fast to issue your petition first before your spouse starts proceedings abroad and it may be appropriate to take action without your spouse knowing at this early stage.

All of this makes an international divorce more pressured and time sensitive. We are here to support you, and we will work quickly and efficiently to help achieve the best outcome for you. You can rely on our expertise as specialists in family law, and our strong reputation for handling and resolving international divorce cases.

If you sense your relationship is breaking down or you want to bring it to an end, and are concerned about an international issues please contact us as soon as possible.

How much does a divorce with an international element cost?

The cost of international divorce proceedings can vary greatly, depending on the countries involved and complexity of the case. At Moore Barlow, we have a number of contacts with renowned and recommended lawyers in many other countries who would work alongside us and we can provide you with guidance on their fees at the very beginning of proceedings.

How to find the right international divorce lawyers?

If you’re looking for legal advice about an international divorce, Moore Barlow Solicitors are ideally placed to offer expert help and support with our offices in LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington and Woking and clients both nationwide and global. We are specialists in international family law, including international family disputes, divorces and separations, so we can offer years of experience to benefit your case. We are recommended by Legal 500, the independent legal directory, as an “excellent, proactive and responsive practice.”

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