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Redundancies, reorganisation, and restructuring are challenging and complex processes for any business.

Our experienced employment law team is here to provide expert guidance and support to ensure that your company navigates the process smoothly and effectively. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored strategies that minimise risk and protect their interests while ensuring compliance with all relevant legal requirements.

  • If you are making redundancies, reorganising or restructuring your business, following the correct legal procedures and using the right documentation will help prevent future problems.
  • As these processes can be complex, it’s advisable to have expert legal support from the start from specialist restructuring and reorganisation solicitors.
  • We can provide comprehensive and practical support on company reorganisation, restructuring and redundancy, combining our employment expertise with our commercial and corporate departments when appropriate, to provide a seamless service.

Making employees redundant, or reorganising or restructuring your business can be daunting. Each of these situations require you, as the employer, to follow the correct procedure to comply with current employment law and to protect the business from potential employee claims. It’s important you understand those procedures and your company’s position throughout, making it highly advisable to call on legal support at the earliest possible stage, with expert reorganisation and restructuring legal advice from Moore Barlow.

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What is company reorganisation and restructuring?

Company reorganisation and restructuring is the process of changing the structure or operations of a company in order to improve its performance and competitiveness. This can involve a range of changes, from changes to the management structure to changes to the company’s product offerings or services. The aim of reorganisation and restructuring is to make the company more efficient, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Redundancy legal advice

If it is necessary to make redundancies, whether as part of company restructuring or the changing needs of the business, you’ll need to correctly identify who you should inform and consult with. As well as the individuals concerned, this may include trade unions or employee representatives. It’s essential you understand what redundancy means in the legal sense, that you follow the correct procedure and apply it fairly. This will reduce the chances of employees bringing claims against you, for example for unfair or wrongful dismissal. There can be strict timescales to adhere to, as well as the processes themselves, in order to do things in line with current legal requirements.

We are also able to identify and discuss whether there are alternative options to redundancy, which may better suit your immediate and long-term business needs. For example, negotiating changes to employees terms of employment. Our redundancy and reorganisation lawyers are there to help you make the best possible informed choices for your business.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of the process, want more information on redundancy or restructuring legal requirements, or simply want clarification about your options, eligibility and the legal implications, please ask us for advice.

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Discover how our expert employment lawyers can help you.

Reorganisation legal advice

There are many reasons why you may decide it is time to reorganise your business group. For example, it could be:-

  • For tax reasons;
  • As a precursor to acquiring a company or business;
  • As a precursor to selling a company or business; or
  • As a result of an acquisition or to increase business efficiency.

Whatever the reason for seeking reorganisation legal advice, any company law issues or issues concerning consent from third parties need to be identified at the outset. We can help ensure you follow the correct procedure, produce a suitable timetable for you and make sure all the correct paperwork is prepared and filed within the required timescales.

Reorganising a business can be a daunting prospect but we are here to help you make informed decisions and ensure you follow the correct procedures in the required manner for a smoother transition.

Restructuring legal advice

If your company is in financial difficulty, the creditors may agree to restructure the company’s liabilities so that the business of the company can survive. In order for a business restructure or reorganisation of this type to take place, a contract is usually drawn up between the company and the creditors.

Our team of restructuring and reorganisation lawyers will ensure the contract is tailored specifically to your company’s needs, so that the best terms are agreed and your business has the strongest possible chances of survival.

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Discover how our expert employment lawyers can help you.

Why choose our company reorganisation and restructuring solicitors?

Here at Moore Barlow, our company reorganisation and restructuring solicitors are the ideal choice for businesses looking to navigate the complex legal landscape of redundancies, reorganisation, and restructuring. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the law, our team is committed to providing expert guidance and support to help businesses achieve their goals while minimising risk and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Whether you’re facing a difficult restructuring or simply need help navigating the legal complexities of redundancy, our team is here to help.

How can our company reorganisation and restructuring solicitors help?

Let our company reorganisation and restructuring solicitors provide you with expert guidance and support, especially to businesses facing redundancy, reorganisation, or restructuring. We can help you navigate the legal complexities of these processes, ensuring that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations while minimising the impact on your employees and business operations. With our assistance, you can achieve your desired outcomes with confidence and peace of mind.

Our expert team work across our offices in LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington and Woking. Contact us today for specialist support.

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Discover how our expert employment lawyers can help you.

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