About Edward

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh and becoming interested in law I seemed to face the unfortunate choice of forging a career of legal excellence in London or having a life. The most difficult decision I have ever had to make, but going against the crowd of all my peers I chose the latter. I pursued a career as a rural property lawyer in the regions, and the greatest challenge for me has been pursuing this job to the highest degree of excellence possible, whilst balancing this with a healthy family life. This continues to be my purpose: caring passionately for our clients so that they get the best possible outcome; and caring equally for our people so that they can realise their ambitions in work and life.

I now have the honour and privilege of putting this purpose to work by leading a dynamic and progressive law firm with fantastic clients and people, which I thoroughly enjoy through the inevitable highs and lows.

Away from work life I enjoy living in the countryside with my wife and two sons, Henry (age 10) and William (age 7). My hobbies include riding horses, playing polo and tennis, running, almost any country pursuit, following almost any sport and teaching my sons about all of these things. I also enjoy drumming and taken up the flute again after a 30 year break. We have formed a very bad band: Henry on keys, William on the double bass and me on drums or flute as instructed.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Agricultural Law Association
  • CLA