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  • Obstetric claims – events at birth leading to a child’s brain injury
  • Brain and neurological injury, including encephalitis
  • Orthopaedic, spinal and cauda equina claims
  • Cardiological, surgical and medical claims

I am an experienced senior associate solicitor acting on behalf of claimants in medical negligence cases. I take a balanced view and have a tactically advantageous understanding of the approach taken by defendants — all of which enables me to secure the best outcomes for clients.

My clients come from all walks of life. When liability can be established, I work hard to ensure that appropriate compensation is claimed so that my clients can continue, as far as possible, with their pre-existing lives.

This often entails getting ‘interim’ compensation (before a claim is formally resolved), which can enable a move to a more appropriate and adapted home, getting a case manager on board (someone to provide practical help in getting care and therapies put in place at home), and rehabilitation.

My work with brain injured children involves close liaison with colleagues from our education, Court of Protection and property departments to ensure that clients are provided with appropriate schooling and management of compensation awards.

I have recently had one of the highest awards for a birth injury claim (£23m) approved by the High Court and am immensely proud of what Moore Barlow have been able to achieve for that client and their family.

Another settlement involved £1m compensation for a client’s disabilities following delay in investigating and treating cauda equina syndrome.

I have experience of formal mediation and numerous settlement meetings as a way of resolving claims without the need for a formal trial.

Having previously defended doctors and the NHS from 1995, I have acted on behalf of claimants since 2011.

I have secured the following on behalf of clients:

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