£140,000 compensation following inappropriately managed fracture

Moore Blatch have obtained £140,000 compensation for a client whose fracture was inappropriately managed at Southampton General Hospital, causing him to undergo an unnecessary hip replacement at the age of 27.

The client was 25 when he suffered a hip injury falling from his horse. He was taken to hospital and assessed and x-rays were correctly reported as showing an acute non-displaced fracture, but the client was wrongly advised that this was an old injury, that he did not require surgery and could be discharged home without any treatment and able to bear weight on his leg. In fact, surgical fixation was indicated but the client was negligently discharged from hospital.

After complaining of on-going pain to his GP, the client went back to hospital and underwent further x-rays which confirmed that he had suffered a recent, acute fracture which had now become displaced. Surgery was required and the fracture fixed with three screws. The client’s subsequent recovery was lengthy as he was troubled with severe pain, for which he required morphine, and delayed union of the fracture – he needed an electronic bone stimulator before the fixation screws were removed and he eventually underwent total left hip replacement aged 27. Future hip revision surgery will be required.

Had the client undergone appropriate surgery, it is likely that he would have made a complete recovery within 6 months.

Moore Blatch obtained an early admission of liability from the Defendant, together with an interim payment of compensation to assist client, but an appropriate settlement could be not be negotiated without formal legal proceedings being issued. An overall settlement was subsequently agreed.

Paul Kingsley, one of our expert clinical negligence solicitors, acted on behalf of the Claimant.