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At Moore Barlow, our spinal injury solicitors understand that every spinal injury brings a myriad of challenges, both seen and unseen.

These injuries, often unanticipated and deeply life-changing, ripple through not only the physical aspects of one’s life but also touch emotional, psychological, and financial areas. Beyond just spinal injury compensation claims, our dedication lies in providing a holistic healing approach. With our expert team of spinal injury lawyers, we’re not just offering legal services; we’re offering a partnership in recovery and resilience.

The complexities of spinal injuries can be overwhelming, but with Moore Barlow by your side, the journey towards justice becomes clearer and more manageable. Our commitment is steadfast: to represent, support, and champion your rights, ensuring that the path forward is as smooth as possible.

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What is a spinal injury?

A spinal injury refers to damage sustained to any part of the spinal cord or the nerves at the end of the spinal canal. This trauma can lead to permanent or temporary changes in the cord’s function, potentially resulting in reduced strength, sensation, and other bodily functions below the site of injury. Depending on its severity, a spinal injury can manifest in various forms, ranging from complete paralysis to more subtle motor or sensory disturbances. Such injuries can drastically alter an individual’s quality of life, demanding physical, emotional, and psychological adjustments.

What is a spinal injury claim?

A spinal injury claim is a legal action initiated by an individual (or their representatives) who has suffered a spinal injury due to another party’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing. Through this claim, the injured party seeks financial compensation for the damages incurred—this could include medical bills, loss of earnings, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, accommodation and other related expenses. The claim aims to provide the victim with the necessary resources to cope with the aftermath of the injury, ensuring they can access medical care, therapy, and other essential services to improve their quality of life.

Who can make a spinal injury compensation claim?

Experiencing a spinal injury is profoundly life-altering, and behind every claim, there’s a personal story of pain, resilience, and hope. While spinal injuries can sadly arise from numerous situations, certain incidents touch lives more frequently. Reflecting on the stories we’ve encountered and the people we’ve supported, these are the incidents that often lead to a spinal injury claim:

What’s the process of a spinal injury claim?

For those who experience a spinal injury, the thought of navigating the legal process of claiming for compensation can be daunting. However, when you’re supported with the right guidance, what initially seems complex becomes a structured path towards compensation.

For Moore Barlow, it’s a journey where every step is taken with care and every decision is made with your best interests at heart. To demystify this process, here’s a simplified breakdown of the typical steps involved:

  • Consultation: Engage with our specialised spinal cord injury solicitors to discuss the specifics of your case.
  • Evidence gathering: This involves collecting medical records, eyewitness accounts, photographs, and any other relevant evidence to build a robust case.
  • Negotiation: Armed with evidence, your solicitor negotiates with the at-fault party or their insurance provider.
  • Settlement or trial: While many claims reach an out-of-court settlement, some might need a trial for resolution.
  • Compensation and rehabilitation: Upon a successful claim, the focus shifts to securing your compensation and initiating holistic rehabilitation processes.

What are the time limits for making a spinal injury claim?

Time is of the essence when it comes to legal spinal injury claims. Typically, a three-year window exists from the date of the injury or from when you recognised the injury’s implications. However, the landscape of legal deadlines can be intricate, with certain exceptions and nuances. It’s pivotal to consult a spinal cord injury lawyer to understand the specific timeframes applicable to your case.

How long will your spinal injury compensation claim take?

The journey of a claim from initiation to resolution isn’t fixed. Variables such as the injury’s complexity, available evidence, and the opposing party’s cooperation play significant roles. While Moore Barlow’s spinal injury solicitors always strive for swift resolutions, our primary aim is to ensure our clients receive comprehensive and just compensation, even if it takes a little longer.

How much compensation will you get for a spinal injury claim?

Quantifying compensation hinges on multiple factors. The severity of the injury, resultant medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing care requirements all influence the final amount. Moore Barlow’s spinal injury solicitors delve deep into each case, ensuring every aspect of suffering, both tangible and intangible, is accounted for in the compensation claim.

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Can I make a no win, no fee claim after spinal injury?

Yes. Your spinal injury claim can be funded through various methods, including a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), commonly known as a “No Win, No Fee” arrangement. With a CFA, you won’t pay any legal fees upfront, and you’ll only be charged any applicable fees if your claim is successful.

Other funding options might include legal expense insurance, trade union funding, or private funding, depending on your individual circumstances. It’s essential to discuss your funding options with your solicitor to determine the best approach tailored to your situation.

Why choose our spinal injury solicitors?

At Moore Barlow, we have a unique way of helping people with spinal cord injuries. We have teamed up with Aspire, the national spinal cord injury charity, to form Aspire Law: the only UK law firm to specialise solely on representing and supporting people with spinal cord injury claims.

Using our combined knowledge and experience in spinal cord injury, together we’ve created a new social enterprise model that puts your needs and requirements at the heart of our work, and delivers a highly personalised service. You’ll benefit from the renowned legal expertise of Moore Barlow, and Aspire’s extensive and in-depth knowledge of providing the services that spinally injured people really need.

The result is a service that addresses every issue you may face, from housing, care, education and rehabilitation to emotional and family support.

A key reason for choosing Moore Barlow and Aspire Law for your spinal cord claim, is that unlike other lawyers we don’t keep any of the compensation for ourselves: you will receive 100%. In addition, 50% of any profits Aspire Law makes go straight back to the Aspire charity, helping more families affected by spinal injury, in areas such as housing, equipment and emotional support.

Our specialist spinal injury lawyers offer services across the UK and abroad, from offices in LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington and Woking. Contact us today to start your journey.

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