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Moore Barlow’s road traffic accident solicitors are not just experts in the legal intricacies of road traffic accident claims; we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to every case.

We understand that the trauma resulting from a serious road accident extends far beyond physical injuries. Emotional distress, psychological challenges, and the long path to rehabilitation can be equally daunting. As your steadfast allies, we are not merely focused on securing the financial compensation you deserve but also on ensuring that you receive the comprehensive support and rehabilitation necessary for a well-rounded recovery.

Entrust us with your claim, and you will benefit from a team of dedicated road accident solicitors who champion your needs at every turn, fostering a partnership built on trust, empathy, and expertise.

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What is a road traffic accident claim?

A road traffic accident claim is a legal process victims can take when they’ve been injured due to another’s negligence on the road. This process allows victims to seek road accident compensation for the harms they’ve suffered. Such claims are of paramount importance, especially for those who’ve experienced the most serious injuries or tragically lost a loved one.

How can I make a road traffic accident claim?

Initiating a road accident claim might seem daunting, but with the right assistance, it can be streamlined. At Moore Barlow, we begin by understanding your specific circumstances. After an in-depth consultation, our specialised road traffic accident solicitors will guide you through the legalities, ensuring a smooth and effective claims process.

What are the most common types of accidents that lead to a road traffic accident claim?

Though road traffic accident situation is distinct and unique, in our vast experience several incidents tend to be more prevalent in serious road traffic accident claims. These include:

At Moore Barlow, we provide the expertise required to navigate the intricacies of these varied incidents, ensuring you’re well-represented and informed.

What are the most common types of injury that lead to a claim after a road traffic accident?

Severe road traffic accidents can lead to a range of injuries. Moore Barlow focuses specifically on those who’ve sustained the most life-altering injuries, which often include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Serious spinal injuries
  • Fatalities or loss of life
  • Amputations
  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Serious injuries to children

Our dedication lies in assisting these individuals and their families, ensuring they receive the comprehensive support they need.

How long after a road traffic accident do I have to make a claim?

Typically, you have a window of three years from the accident’s date to start a claim. However, certain circumstances might alter this timeframe. It’s best to consult with our experienced road accident solicitors for guidance tailored to your situation.

Exceptions to this three-year rule includes:

  • Children: If the victim is under 18 at the time of the accident, the three-year period doesn’t commence until their 18th birthday.
  • Lack of mental capacity: For individuals who lack the mental capacity to manage their affairs, the three-year timeframe does not apply, unless they regain capacity.
  • Criminal injuries: If you’re claiming through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (due to the accident being a result of a deliberate act), the time limit is typically two years.
  • Overseas accidents: If the accident occurred outside of the UK, different time limits might apply depending on the country’s regulations.
  • Delayed knowledge: In rare cases where the victim only became aware of their injury or its connection to the accident after a considerable time, the three-year countdown may start from the date of knowledge rather than the date of the accident.

Given the nuanced nature of these exceptions, it’s imperative to consult with our seasoned road accident solicitors for advice specific to your circumstances.

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Can I make a road traffic claim if the accident was my fault?

Accidents are complex events, and fault isn’t always black and white. Even if you believe you were partly responsible, there’s a possibility to claim compensation. Our knowledgeable road traffic accident solicitors can assess the finer details of the accident and advise you on potential compensatory avenues.

How long do road traffic accident claims take?

Everyone’s road traffic claim is unique. While some road accident claims are resolved quickly, others, especially involving severe injuries, may require more time. Our goal at Moore Barlow is always to secure optimal outcomes in a time frame that respects the needs and circumstances of our clients.

How much compensation can I get for a road accident claim?

Compensation amounts depend on various factors, ranging from the type and severity of the injury to potential future medical expenses. After a thorough assessment of your situation, our road accident solicitors can provide a more accurate estimate, ensuring that every aspect of your suffering is accounted for.

Can I make a no win, no fee claim after road traffic accident?

Yes. Your road accident claim can be funded through various methods, including a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), commonly known as a “No Win, No Fee” arrangement. With a CFA, you won’t pay any legal fees upfront, and you’ll only be charged any applicable fees if your claim is successful.

Other funding options might include legal expense insurance, trade union funding, or private funding, depending on your individual circumstances. It’s essential to discuss your funding options with your solicitor to determine the best approach tailored to your situation.

What’s the process for a road traffic accident claim?

Entering a road traffic accident claim can feel overwhelming, especially when the procedures and legal nuances are unfamiliar. Each step is crucial in shaping the outcome and ensuring justice is served. At Moore Barlow, we simplify this journey, breaking it down into structured phases to ensure clarity and efficiency. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  • Initial consultation: A comprehensive session to understand your unique situation and offer preliminary guidance.
  • Gathering evidence: Meticulously collecting and documenting all pertinent information related to the accident.
  • Engaging in negotiations: Skilfully liaising with the responsible parties to secure fair compensation.
  • Court representation (if required): Advocating for your rights, should your case proceed to the courtroom.

Rest assured, throughout this journey, our experienced experts remain committed to safeguarding your interests and ensuring your rights and well-being are front and centre.

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Other than financial compensation, what other support do your road accident solicitors provide?

At Moore Barlow, we recognise that the aftermath of a severe road traffic accident goes beyond physical injuries. Emotional scars, psychological trauma, and societal reintegration challenges often accompany the healing journey. Our empathetic approach ensures that we see our clients not just as cases, but as individuals in need of comprehensive care. With a deep understanding of these multifaceted challenges, we’re committed to providing a wide range of supportive services:

  • Rehabilitation assistance: Tailored programs focusing on physical recuperation.
  • Mental health support: Resources and counselling to address emotional and psychological traumas.
  • Social support: Assistance with community reintegration, helping victims regain confidence in their social interactions.

Our goal is to ensure every client receives not only the financial relief they deserve but also the emotional and psychological support necessary for a holistic recovery.

Why choose us as your road traffic accident solicitors?

In the vast legal landscape, Moore Barlow stands out not merely for its expertise but also for its unparalleled dedication to its clientele. Our firm isn’t just an assembly of legal minds; it’s a collective driven by a shared mission — representing those who’ve endured the most harrowing consequences of severe road traffic accidents. Our niche focus on the most serious of injuries sets us apart, as we delve deep into the intricacies and nuances of each case, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

But it’s not just about the legal proceedings. At Moore Barlow, we emphasise a holistic approach. Recognising the multi-faceted challenges our clients face, we’ve integrated comprehensive rehabilitation services and support mechanisms. We strive to mend not just the financial gaps but also the emotional and psychological rifts that such traumatic incidents often inflict. In entrusting your case to us, you’re choosing a partner that genuinely cares, one that walks alongside you in your journey towards healing and restitution.

Whilst working nationwide across the UK, we also have regional offices across LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington and Woking.

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