Significant 7 figure settlement for a child brain injury

Damian Horan and his personal injury team secure a significant 7 figure settlement for a brain injury sustained by a boy when he was struck by a car.

At the time of the accident our client was a 9 year old unaccompanied boy walking to school. Our client was waiting to cross the road and was seen by the defendant who was driving her car towards our client on her nearside. The client then stepped into the road in the path of the car and was struck by it, leaving him with a serious brain injury. 

Moore Barlow’s expert advice

Our case was that the defendant having seen the client waiting to cross should have slowed down and anticipated he may cross in front of her. The defendant refuted the case on the basis she was driving within the speed limit and had no reason to think the client would step into the road. The client’s case was not helped by the fact that he did not look to his right before stepping into the road. The case proceeded towards a contested trial in the High Court with both parties relying on accident reconstruction and medical causation evidence on the question of liability. A week before the trial was due to start the defence engaged in serious settlement discussions and made a financial offer of settlement. 

The outcome of the brain injury case

Following advice of Leading Counsel Susan Rodway KC who was instructed to represent the client at trial and a conference with a leading neurorehabilitation expert we concluded the claim. The settlement was approved by a Judge in the High Court who commended the settlement and the approach our team had taken. The settlement was a life changing sum of money and our client had made great progress in recovering from the injuries he sustained. The evidence was that he would be independent, retain capacity and would be able to work in the future.

Damian and his team at Moore Barlow were amazing from the first time we met them. They worked tirelessly to secure this outcome. I could not have had a better legal team.

Client’s mother

This case demonstrates the value of instructing a first-class legal team who will fight hard to secure the right outcome even when the chances of success look challenging. There is no substitute for having an experienced and committed team in your corner.

Susan Rodway KC – Leading counsel

This case highlights every parent’s nightmare, your child on their way to school and a careless piece of driving changes their life forever. These are difficult cases as very often the police say there is nothing the driver could have done. Engaging a specialist solicitor who will fight tooth and nail for the right outcome is probably the most important decision you will make. I am so pleased we were able to win this case and give our young client a much brighter future.

Damian Horan – Lead lawyer

The Moore Barlow team

Damian Horan is widely regarded as one of the most experienced catastrophic injury solicitors in the UK, with an incredibly successful 30 year track record in achieving fantastic outcomes for clients. All of Damian’s cases are brought in the High Court in London and almost all of the settlements achieved result in seven and eight figure compensation payments for the clients. Damian has a dedicated team of lawyers who work alongside him, all of whom have vast experience of succeeding in complex and high-value brain injury and spinal cord injury claims.

How Moore Barlow can help

Starting your personal injury claim with Moore Barlow is straightforward. Reach out to our personal injury lawyers for a no-obligation discussion about your situation. We’re ready to listen, guide you through your options, and when you’re ready, we’ll commence the journey towards securing your deserved compensation and supporting your recovery.