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When life-altering events such as amputations occur, it’s essential to know you’re not alone. At Moore Barlow, our esteemed team of amputation claims solicitors will guide and support you every step of the way.

Our proficiency in handling amputation claims goes beyond just securing rightful financial compensation. We recognise that the journey to healing is multifaceted, often demanding more than just monetary support.

As such, our commitment extends into offering holistic support tailored to each individual’s needs, whether it be in the form of rehabilitation, mental support, or community integration. With Moore Barlow by your side, rest assured that your amputation compensation claims are in the hands of experts who care.

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What is an amputation compensation claim?

An amputation compensation claim is the legal process initiated by individuals who’ve experienced an amputation due to someone else’s oversight, negligence, or intentional fault. These claims offer a lifeline, addressing financial challenges stemming from medical costs, rehabilitation, and personal trauma.

Can you claim compensation for an amputation?

Absolutely. If your amputation arose due to another’s mistake, whether inadvertent or deliberate, you’re entitled to pursue an amputation claim. This legal process can address not just financial burdens, but also the emotional and psychological effects of losing a limb.

What types of scenarios can you claim for amputation compensation?

Understanding the circumstances under which you can pursue an amputation compensation claim is crucial. Scenarios vary, including:

By recognising and categorising the origin of your injury, our solicitors can better strategize and advocate for your rightful compensation.


What’s the process for making an amputation compensation claim?

Embarking on an amputation compensation claim can seem daunting. However, with the professional guidance of Moore Barlow’s amputation solicitors, the process is streamlined into clear and manageable stages:

  1. Initial consultation: Engage with our expert amputation solicitors to assess your case’s viability.
  2. Thorough investigation: Assemble crucial evidence ranging from medical testimonials to eyewitness accounts.
  3. Assertive negotiation: Leveraging our expertise to ensure you receive optimal compensation.
  4. Resolution: While many cases find resolution outside court, we’re prepared to champion your cause in court if necessary.

Our experienced team is committed to guiding you every step of the way, demystifying the process and fighting for your rightful compensation.

How long does an amputation compensation claim take?

Each case presents unique challenges. Some might find swift resolution within months, while others, given their complexity, might span several years. Through it all, our amputation claim solicitors work diligently to streamline proceedings, always prioritising your needs.

What are the time limits for making an amputation compensation claim?

In most instances, the window is three years from either the incident date or when its implications became evident. However, nuances and exceptions exist, making early consultations with our amputation solicitors invaluable.

Exceptions to the three-year rule includes:

  • Childhood amputation: If the amputation occurred when the individual was a minor, the three-year time limit begins on their 18th birthday, effectively giving them until they turn 21.
  • Mental incapacity: For individuals who were mentally incapacitated at the time of the injury, there is no fixed timeframe for starting an amputation claim.
  • Criminal injuries: If the amputation resulted from a violent crime, the claim is typically made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), and different time limits may apply.

Given the variability in these exceptions, early consultations with our amputation solicitors is invaluable to ensure you don’t miss out on your rightful claim.

How much compensation will you receive from an amputation claim?

Determining exact figures is based on multiple factors, from injury gravity to its long-term implications. But, with our expert amputation compensation claims team, rest assured we strive to maximise your entitlements whilst ensuring you also get the right level of rehabilitation and mental support. We understand that each amputation claim is different and the needs of an individual in relation to prostheses, orthotics, accommodation, adaptations and assistive technology vary widely from case to case and therefore, this impacts upon the settlement value.

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Can I make a no win, no fee claim after an amputation?

Yes. Your amputation compensation claim can be funded through various methods, including a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), commonly known as a “No Win, No Fee” arrangement. With a CFA, you won’t pay any legal fees upfront, and you’ll only be charged any applicable fees if your claim is successful.

Other funding options might include legal expense insurance, trade union funding, or private funding, depending on your individual circumstances. It’s essential to discuss your funding options with your solicitor to determine the best approach tailored to your situation.

What other support beyond compensation do our amputation solicitors help with?

Moore Barlow’s philosophy centres on a holistic recovery beyond just financial wins. Therefore, we also ensure you receive unrivalled support in the following areas:

  • Physical rehabilitation: Liaising with industry-leading rehab specialists.
  • Mental health support: Facilitating access to expert mental health practitioners.
  • Adaptive guidance: Offering advice on prosthetics and adaptive living solutions.
  • Community ties: Creating bridges to supportive community networks and groups.

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Who do our amputation claim solicitors help?

Amputation, regardless of its severity, has profound implications on one’s life. At Moore Barlow, our amputation claim solicitors have a wealth of experience representing a diverse range of clients. From leg amputation claims to those involving arms, fingers, or toes, our scope is broad, yet our approach is personalised. We serve:

  • Accident victims: Whether it’s a vehicular accident, workplace mishap, or any other unforeseen calamity.
  • Medical negligence cases: Individuals who have had to undergo amputation due to medical errors or misdiagnosis.
  • Industrial disease cases: Those impacted by prolonged exposure to harmful conditions or substances in their workplace leading to the necessity of amputation.

We understand that every client’s story is unique, and their needs are distinct. Our commitment is unwavering, ensuring that every individual adversely affected by an amputation has an expert and empathetic legal team by their side.

Why choose our amputation claim solicitors?

At Moore Barlow, our reputation as leading amputation claim solicitors is grounded in a blend of unparalleled expertise and genuine compassion. We pride ourselves on harnessing years of deep-rooted experience in amputation compensation claims, allowing us to navigate the complexities of each case with confidence and precision.

But our service extends far beyond legal representation. We see the larger picture, understanding that recovery from an amputation encompasses physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions. Thus, we not only seek just compensation for our clients but also stand by their side as unwavering partners in their journey towards recovery. We are deeply invested in the lives we touch, making it our mission to see justice served and futures restored.

Our specialist amputation lawyers offer services across the UK and abroad, from offices in LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington and Woking. Contact us today to start your journey.

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