Achieving a restructuring or demerger that provides the commercial and legal outcome you want

  • Corporate restructuring can be an effective way to make your business more efficient, prepare it for sale or to tackle financial difficulties.
  • There are various legal and commercial aspects involved in restructuring and it’s important your legal team collaborates with your other specialist advisors.
  • We will support you with our own experts across all related fields, and work closely with your other specialists to ensure an effective, timely outcome.

What is corporate restructuring?

Corporate restructuring is the process of reorganising a company’s structure, operations, and/or finances in order to improve its overall performance and competitiveness. This can involve changes to the company’s management, operations, or product line, as well as changes to its legal structure or ownership.

How Moore Barlow can help

There are many reasons why a corporate group will need to restructure, such as tax, the need to prepare for a sale or simply to increase business efficiency. Restructuring can involve mergers and demergers, and be complicated from a legal point of view. For example, renegotiating contracts and agreements with clients and suppliers, employment issues if staff is to transfer from one entity to another, ensuring the new structure is fully compliant , all these need a considered, detailed approach.

Our team is large enough to provide that attention to detail, whilst also being able to meet key deadlines, which may be particularly pressing if the restructuring is to resolve financial difficulties. Our experience and extensive contacts means we can help you with the business aspects of restructuring too.

As well as working with our experts in related fields across our firm, such as insolvency and employment, we will collaborate with your other advisers to plan and then execute your group reorganisation efficiently and effectively.

Our expert team are based across our offices in London, Southampton, Woking, Guildford, Richmond and Lymington. Contact us for specialist advice.

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