Cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims

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Cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims

  • When cancer is misdiagnosed, or diagnosis is delayed, the effects can be drastic and seriously impact the lives of those involved.
  • Whether your cancer was diagnosed too late, or if you were diagnosed with cancer when cancer wasn’t present, we can help assess whether you can bring a claim.

What is cancer negligence?

Negligence in cancer diagnosis and care can occur when healthcare professionals fail to provide appropriate and timely treatment, misdiagnose or delay diagnosis, fail to refer patients to specialists, or fail to provide adequate follow-up care. Negligence can also occur when healthcare professionals fail to obtain informed consent, fail to communicate effectively with patients, or fail to maintain accurate medical records.

What is cancer misdiagnosis?

Cancer misdiagnosis occurs when a patient is incorrectly diagnosed with cancer or when a cancer diagnosis is delayed. This can lead to unnecessary treatments, emotional distress, and even death. Misdiagnosis can occur due to errors in testing, interpretation of results, or failure to consider all possible diagnoses.

What is a cancer negligence claim?

A cancer negligence claim is a legal action taken against a healthcare provider or facility for failing to diagnose or treat cancer in a timely and appropriate manner, resulting in harm or death to the patient. It seeks compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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What can lead to a cancer negligence compensation claim?

Cancer is a disease that claims many lives every year, known by many for its deadly effects. In order for cancer treatment to have a positive effect on those diagnosed it has to be detected early enough, which in some cases isn’t possible. Cancer is a well-known disease, claiming many lives every year. In some cases, it can be difficult to detect cancer early enough in order for treatment to be effective.

Sadly, cancer can be misdiagnosed. Most commonly, cancer is not detected as early as it could have been. There are also instances where cancer is diagnosed where it is not actually present.

When cancer is caught early, it is inevitably generally easier to treat by operating or with a course of treatment. However when cancer is identified at a later stage, it can result in further treatment being required. In the worst cases, the cancer may be untreatable.

If cancer is diagnosed when it isn’t actually present, the effects can be serious including long-term psychological problems which may require medication and therapy. In addition, an individual may receive unnecessary treatment and even surgery, sometimes leaving original symptoms and related problems untreated.

The effects of cancer misdiagnosis can vary greatly from requiring mental health support for anxiety, to death. A late cancer diagnosis can result in surgery that can affect an individual both physically and psychologically.

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How can I claim for cancer negligence compensation?

Our team of expert solicitors at Moore Barlow may be able to help you receive compensation if:

  • You’ve been delayed treatment as a result of late diagnosis where there is reason to believe it ought to have been noticed earlier;
  • You have been impacted by a misdiagnosis where you do not have cancer;
  • Treatment has been unavailable to your relative and they have died as a result of late diagnosis.

We can get you in contact with helpful organisations that you can work closely with, in order to give you access to the help you need. These include:

  • Support from case managers who can provide you with the advice and care you may need
  • Regular visits from experienced support workers
  • Access to community rehabilitation resources, for example occupational therapy

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It is imperative that you contact a specialist solicitor as soon as possible, if you think you or a relative may have had a cancer misdiagnosis. The earlier you inform us of possible medical negligence concerning a cancer misdiagnosis, the more likely it is we can start to help you.

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