Substantial six figure settlement relating to delay in diagnosis of bowel cancer

Our client was a widow whose husband died of bowel cancer. At the time they also had two dependent children. It was alleged that our client’s husband’s GP practice acted below a reasonable standard of care in failing to refer him to the local hospital for a colonoscopy on two occasions when he was suffering from a notable change in bowel habit. Instead, he was admitted to hospital over a year later as an emergency patient with heavy bleeding. Subsequent investigations confirmed that his cancer was widespread, and he died 18 months later.

A dependency claim was brought by our client on behalf of herself and her two children. We were the fourth firm of solicitors to be involved in the case and the only one able to bring it to a successful conclusion.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Moore Barlow, who were willing to take on my clinical negligence case when many other solicitors considered it too ‘risky’ – and indeed three firms had already ‘abandoned’ the case. They were very sympathetic to my situation, always considerate, extremely thorough and determined to help me to reach a resolution, which they did in spite of very strong opposition from the defendants.