Making sure you aren’t working longer hours than you should and that you are receiving adequate breaks

  • The rules around working hours and the time off you are entitled to are complex.
  • We can advise whether your current working arrangements fit within the law.
  • If you believe you are working too many hours or days in a row, or aren’t receiving adequate time off, we can help resolve matters on your behalf.

Are you working long days with no breaks or worried that you are working too many days in a row? It is important to understand your basic rights when it comes to working hours and rest breaks. The rules do get very complex and there are exceptions and alternatives. There are also additional rules for younger workers. If you have any concerns or queries, it is prudent to take legal advice.

What are working hours and rest breaks?

Working hours and rest breaks are the number of hours an employee is required to work, as well as the breaks they are entitled to take. The Working Time Regulations set out minimum requirements for rest breaks, working hours, and annual leave, although these may be varied by agreement between the employer and employee.

What can Moore Barlow advise you on?

We can advise you on your entitlements based on your specific working arrangements and analyse your working pattern to confirm if you are taking the correct amount of breaks. If there are any issues with your breaks, we can take you through your options and advise on the next steps.

If necessary, we can assist you with liaising with your employer to solve the problem.

Our expert team work across our offices in Southampton, Richmond, London, Woking, Lymington and Guildford and we offer specialist support and advice nationwide.