Invaluable services that support both borrowers and investors dealing with debt capital

  • Debt capital is frequently used for financing companies and is attractive to both businesses and investors.
  • There are several types of debt capital transaction and the laws governing them are complex, and change frequently.
  • We have extensive experience of the different debt fundraising structures, from both sides of the deal , investors and borrowers.
  • With our comprehensive network of contacts, we can introduce you to the best funders in the marketplace.

What is debt capital?

Debt capital refers to funds raised by a company by issuing bonds, loans, or other forms of debt financing. Debt capital is considered a cheaper and more accessible form of financing compared to equity capital, as the company is only required to repay the borrowed amount along with interest. However, debt financing can also come with significant financial and operational obligations for the company.

How Moore Barlow can help

Every business needs funding to help it achieve its objectives, such as financing an acquisition or simply to have more working capital.

Raising funds through debt capital and securitisation is a frequently used option for financing a business. It brings together lawyers acting for the business and those working for the investors, and naturally, both sets of lawyers will try to protect their client’s best interests.

This is why it’s important to choose a legal team that understands both sides of the deal. At Moore Barlow, we are highly experienced in a wide range of debt fundraising structures and have an enviable track record in acting for both funders and borrowers. As well as bonds, we also advise on taking security and guarantees.

Banking law is complex and following the financial crisis, regulations have become tighter and are revised frequently. We always keep up to date with the regulations to ensure debt capital deals aren’t delayed by compliance issues.

We are well connected to a huge number and range of debt funders. Whatever your requirements, as part of our value added offering we can introduce you to the best funders the market has to offer.

Our experienced team are based across our offices in London, Richmond, Guildford, Southampton, Woking and Lymington. Contact us for expert advice.

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