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Suffering an injury because of medical negligence can be a very traumatic experience for you and your loved ones. When a medical professional that you trusted with your care is negligent and you are hurt as a result, this not only causes a physical injury that has a knock-on impact on many areas of your life, it can also feel like a betrayal and that trust has been broken.

If you have experienced medical negligence, you might be able to make a compensation claim. No sum of compensation can change what has happened to you, but a settlement could help with your recovery and assist with adjustments that you might need to make to your life as you start to move forwards.

A successful claim can also help you feel that a measure of justice has been done for the incident that injured you and claims of this type can also sometimes result in changes being made to the way that things are done by medical professionals. This can help to ensure that what happened to you doesn’t happen again to others in the future.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence refers to the failure of a healthcare professional to provide the standard of care expected, resulting in harm or injury to the patient.


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How much compensation for medical negligence claims in Lymington?

The amount of compensation that you are likely to receive for a successful medical negligence claim in Lymington or elsewhere in England or Wales will depend on a number of different factors and individual circumstances.

A major factor is the severity of the injury you suffered and the impact that it has had on your life. It will also be taken into account whether the injury has caused permanent damage or whether some level of recovery is likely over time.

Other elements that will be taken into account when determining a reasonable sum of potential compensation include the impact of your injury on your ability to work, both now and into the future. Any expenses that you have already had to pay out as a result of the medical negligence, such as for specialist medical treatment to aid your recovery, can also be included in the claim amount.

Using our experience of working on many other medical negligence claims and our specialist knowledge in this particular area of law, we can assess your claim and provide an estimate of how much compensation you could expect if you claim is successful.

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Why choose Moore Barlow as your medical negligence lawyers in Lymington?

Medical negligence claims in Lymington and the surrounding areas can be complex in nature and you’ll want to know that you have true experts on your side to give your claim the best possible chance of success. Moore Barlow have a proven track record of achieving great results for our medical negligence clients and helping them not only with specialist legal advice and representation, but also with practical support where needed.

We understand that experiencing medical negligence affects people both physically and emotionally and can be life-changing for whole families. Our team of medical negligence solicitors in Lymington can help on all of these levels with empathy and professionalism.

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Our experienced team of clinical negligence solicitors in Lymington is dedicated to helping individuals who have suffered harm due to substandard medical care. We understand the immense physical, emotional, and financial impact that medical negligence can have on your life. Our solicitors have extensive knowledge in handling a wide range of clinical negligence cases, including surgical errors, misdiagnosis, birth injuries, and medication mistakes. We will provide you with expert advice, guidance, and support throughout the entire legal process, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you claim the compensation you deserve. Trust our team to fight for your justice and to hold medical professionals accountable for their errors.

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Our clinical negligence solicitors in Lymington handle cases involving medical negligence, helping individuals who have suffered harm due to the negligence of healthcare professionals. We represent patients, families, and individuals seeking justice and compensation for their injuries or wrongful deaths caused by clinical negligence.

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For expert advice and representation in clinical negligence cases in Lymington, contact our experienced team at Moore Barlow. Our dedicated solicitors are committed to pursuing justice for those who have suffered harm due to medical negligence. Call us or email us to discuss your case and arrange a consultation.

We have offices in London, Richmond, Lymington, Guildford, Southampton and Woking, and we operate nationally. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with your clinical negligence claim.

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Discover how our expert medical negligence lawyers can help you.

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