Recognising and treating encephalitis promptly can be the difference between life and death, or disability. It’s evident there’s an urgent need for more comprehensive and accessible training on encephalitis for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Enhanced training can empower these professionals to identify symptoms sooner, enabling faster action and potentially saving lives.

What is encephalitis?

Encephalitis is a rare but serious condition which causes the brain to become inflamed, either through infection or through the body’s own immune system attacking the brain.

It can affect anyone at any age and its impact can vary significantly but the earlier treatment is started, the more successful the outcome is likely to be.

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Hear from our expert medical negligence team on the importance of World Encephalitis Day and the push for enhanced training for medical professionals.

What is World Encephalitis Day?

World Encephalitis Day, observed annually, is a pivotal initiative by Encephalitis International aimed at elevating global awareness of encephalitis. This day serves as a platform to spotlight the critical challenges and issues linked to this serious brain inflammation condition.

Addressing the challenge: Improving detection of encephalitis symptoms by medical professionals

This year the aim for World Encephalitis Day is to highlight some of the challenges faced by the medical professionals in recognising the signs and symptoms of encephalitis and the need for enhanced training around this devastating condition.

Encephalitis can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection, and symptoms include fever, headache, confusion, seizures, and even coma. Treatment typically involves supportive care and antiviral or antibiotic medications.

As lawyers who work daily with those who have experienced encephalitis, we all too often see the impact that delays in making an appropriate diagnosis, as well as providing the correct treatment, can have. Often leading to devastating condition: irreversible brain injury.

If someone suffers avoidable harm due to delayed diagnosis and treatment, and the correct treatment would have avoided a brain injury, that individual has the potential of bringing a successful claim for medical negligence.

Therefore we at Moore Barlow applaud the work of Encephalitis International and their call for more awareness and training among medical professionals in recognition of the symptoms. They aim to globally provide more training across all healthcare settings as well as a greater public awareness of this devastating condition.

Encephalitis International is launching its biggest appeal to date, aiming to raise £40,000 to help fund their work in this push for increased training for medical professionals. Find our more and donate.

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How Moore Barlow can help you?

At Moore Barlow, our experienced medical negligence solicitors have specialist knowledge and understanding of the difficulties relating to encephalitis cases and are specialists in this area. We have an excellent track record for succeeding in these cases and are regarded as leaders in the field.

We understand the worries people have of bringing a claim whilst dealing with the challenges and difficulties of this condition, but we will work with you to guide and support you through every stage of the process.

So, if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with encephalitis and have concerns about the medical care received, do contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you at a time to suit you and can advise you of your options.

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