If you are suffering from major trauma, you’ll receive urgent specialist treatment at a major trauma centre

  • Major trauma is a serious injury, or multiple injuries, that could result in a life-changing disability.
  • If someone involved in an accident is assessed as a major trauma patient, they are taken directly to a major trauma centre for urgent treatment.
  • Major trauma centres are staffed by multi-disciplinary teams, who are trained to deal with all types of injuries.

What are Major Trauma Centres?

Once someone is assessed as a major trauma patient and has been taken to the nearest major trauma centre, they undergo a full assessment by a multi-disciplinary team, trained to deal with all types of injuries.

Major trauma centres were introduced in 2012, to provide specialised trauma care and rehabilitation to those who have suffered severe and life threatening injuries.

Major trauma centres form the centre of a wider local trauma network, made up of trauma units and links to the social care and community sector.

There are currently 27 major trauma centres across England, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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