A compensation package worth close to seven-figures was achieved for our client who sustained injuries after being hit by a vehicle which had lost control, mounted the pavement and crushed them against the front of a high street restaurant.

The background to this case

On 25th July 2019, our client, who instructed Moore Barlow via the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership [MTSP], sustained a traumatic brain injury with complex lower and upper limb musculoskeletal injuries, a haemopneumothorax, pulmonary contusion, liver damage, multiple rib fractures, left sided tib-fib fracture, right sided scapula fracture and extensive degloving to her left arm and left leg.

She was air-lifted to King’s College Hospital and remained unconscious for a period of 13 days on ICU. A CT scan revealed a subgaleal haematoma, extensive subarachnoid haemorrhage, parenchymal contusion bilaterally, self-effacement and effacement of the lateral ventricles. There was subdural blood also on the falx but no midline shift. As a result of pressure on the brain, an intracranial pressure bolt was inserted for 13 days.

She also required a number of surgical procedures including reconstructive surgery to the left leg including an ALT flap and split skin graft and surgery to her right clavicular at King’s College Hospital and was then moved to St Thomas’ Hospital for wound coverage and definitive stabilisation of her left leg before being discharged after an inpatient period of 3 months. Her external fixator frame on her left leg was removed a further 3 months later.

Daryl Robinson

Daryl Robinson

Senior associate | Major trauma

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Support beyond legal needs

Moore Barlow instructed a clinical case manager to oversee her extensive rehabilitation following an Immediate Needs Assessment. Members of her family flew in from across the world to provide support and gratuitous care.

Our client suffered from an array of cognitive symptoms including short-term memory loss, low mood, fatigue, migraines plus physical limitations and neuropathic pain. She also experienced vestibular post-traumatic episode of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and reduction in smell and taste.

Our rehabilitation team included a vestibular physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist and private surgeons to advise on the course of treatment.

The team also focused on a vocational rehabilitation programme to get her back into her professional and highly trained job. This included work adaptations and the provision of disabled parking and planned breaks for intensive rehabilitation and surgical intervention.

Our client required several surgical procedures in 2020 to 2022 with more planned in 2023.

In order to assess her injuries and compensation, experts including a neurologist, neuropsychologist, neuropsychiatrist, audio-vestibular surgeon, vascular surgeon, ophthalmologist, orthopaedic, plastic surgery, general surgery, chest surgery and care were instructed. This also included input from a specialist in skin camouflage.

Initial offers made to settle the claim (CPR Part 36 and time limited) were rejected and at the conclusion of our client’s claim, her compensation package was negotiated by Daryl Robinson which included future claims for loss of earnings, pension loss, treatment, holidays and care. The Moore Barlow team also included Ms Sophie Davies [Senior Associate], Ms Lucy Keats [Trainee Solicitor] and representation by Ms Perrin Gibbons of Deka Chambers.

I really appreciate all your help and that of your team in ensuring that I get the best medico-legal team’s expert opinions and the best treatment I require during my rehabilitation. I will continue with my rehab and follow suggested surgeries. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve put through so as not to prolong the litigation of my case and for being patient with me.

  • Ritzie Rapacon, Client

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If you suffer major trauma, such as multiple fractures, severe wounds, head or brain injuries or loss of limbs, it can have devastating consequences for you and your family, so you need to start your rehabilitation as soon as possible. We are one of the very few major trauma teams to provide comprehensive legal support and arrange specialist health and social care. We will help you access the very best rehabilitation services, to start your return home or to work.

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