Ensuring you understand the terms and conditions of your employment

  • Before starting a new job, it is important you fully understand the terms and conditions you are agreeing to.
  • This is important for understanding both the benefits you may be entitled to, the working requirements that will be placed on you, and the restrictions placed on you should your job come to an end.

What is an offer of employment?

An offer of employment is a written or verbal statement from an employer that extends a job offer to a potential employee. The offer typically includes details such as the job title, salary, start date, and any benefits or incentives being offered. The potential employee may then choose to accept or decline the offer.

What to do if you’ve been offered a new job

Have you recently been offered a new job and been asked to sign new terms of employment whether in the form of an employment contract or a director’s service agreement?

When you start a new job, you will be asked to sign new terms of employment. Some employers send out a copy of your terms and conditions of employment before you begin your employment, some provide a copy to you on your first day or others provide it to you within the first two months of your employment (as required by law).

It is important to make sure you read through the terms and conditions provided to you thoroughly and that you understand each term that you are agreeing to.

Your terms and conditions must include certain information such as details relating to your: job title; hours of work; place of work and salary etc. However, it is likely that additional clauses will be included for example clauses relating to confidentiality, intellectual property and post termination restrictions (also known as restrictive covenants). These types of clauses can restrict what you are able to do after your employment with this employer has terminated and therefore it is important you understand what they mean.

Additionally, if as part of your employment you are eligible to participate in any commission schemes bonus arrangements, share schemes or receive any other benefits such as a company car, private medical insurance and/or life assurance it is important to ensure these are all correctly documented. Ensuring these are correctly documented at the start of your employment can prevent misunderstandings and you having to dispute matters or raise grievances against your employer.

How Moore Barlow can help

If you have any questions about your terms of employment or would like us to review, advise and help negotiate terms and conditions with your employer, please contact a member of the team.

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