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If you’re acting as a consultant to a client, we can draft a consultancy agreement that comprehensively sets out your terms and effectively safeguards your position.

If you’re being asked to enter into an agreement we can advise you on the meaning of the terms so that you are clear on what you are agreeing to.

  • A consultancy agreement sets out the specific terms of your working relationship with a client, and distinguishes you as a consultant rather than an employee.
  • It’s vital that your agreement is tailored specifically to you, and covers all aspects to provide you with complete protection.
  • You can rely on our extensive experience of drafting consultancy agreements, to draft an agreement that matches your exact requirements and gives you peace of mind.

Do you need help drafting a consultancy agreement that accurately records your employment relationship? Are you being asked to sign a consultancy agreement and looking for help understanding the terms?

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What is a consultancy agreement?

A consultancy agreement is a legal agreement between a company and a consultant, setting out the terms of their working relationship. This will typically include details such as the scope of the consultant’s work, their responsibilities, and the compensation they will receive.

Why do you need a consultancy agreement?

It is particularly important for many reasons, including those relating to tax, that your employment relationship is accurately recorded as a consultancy agreement.

Why use Moore Barlow?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ agreement, so it is important your agreement is tailored specifically to your circumstances, so it protects you comprehensively. We will make sure we understand your situation and discuss all aspects of your agreement, including services, termination, payment terms and amounts, to ensure your agreement provides you with complete protection.

Our team has extensive experience of drafting consultancy agreements for consultants in all service areas, who provide their services to clients ranging from one in number to dozens. This ensures we can draft a consultancy agreement that matches your exact requirements, whether it’s a simple document which you intend to vary for a range of clients, or a comprehensive document to record a specific scenario.

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