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The disciplinary and grievance process is an important aspect of managing the employment relationship. It involves following a fair and consistent procedure when dealing with issues such as misconduct or poor performance.

Moore Barlow’s disciplinary and grievances solicitors provides expert guidance and support for employers navigating the disciplinary and grievance process, ensuring compliance with employment law and protecting your business from potential legal disputes.

  • As an employer it is your duty to have clear disciplinary and grievance policies for your employees, that follow the ACAS code of practice.
  • If an employee successfully brings a claim against you and you have not followed the ACAS code, the award you must pay them can be increased.
  • Our expert employment team will explain the implications of the ACAS code for you, and make sure your policies and procedures minimise the chance of an employee successfully claiming against you.

What is a disciplinary and grievance process?

Disciplinary and grievances are processes that address and resolve workplace issues such as misconduct, performance concerns and discrimination. Disciplinary processes deal with disciplinary action against employees, while grievance procedures handle complaints raised by employees.

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Are your disciplinary and grievance policies up to date?

As an employer you need to ensure you have clear written disciplinary and grievance rules and procedures to deal with employee performance and conduct.

The policies and procedures should explain what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace and what action will be taken if the rules are broken. They must also follow the ACAS code of practice. An employee could bring a range of employment claims against you. If an award is made following a successful claim and you have failed to follow the ACAS code of practice, that award could be increased.

Why choose our solicitors help disciplinary and grievances?

Here at Moore Barlow, our solicitors are highly experienced in handling disciplinary and grievance processes for businesses. We understand the importance of a fair and effective process for both employers and employees, and strive to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved. With our expertise and support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is in good hands.

How can our solicitors help disciplinary and grievances?

Let our solicitors help and provide expert advice and support to employers throughout disciplinary and grievance process. From conducting investigations and preparing documentation, to representing clients at hearings and appeals, we ensure that procedures are followed fairly and legally. We also offer training and guidance to help prevent future disputes and maintain positive working relationships.

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