Helping you manage the disciplinary and grievance process, to ensure you are fully compliant with the ACAS code of practice

  • As an employer it is your duty to have clear disciplinary and grievance policies for your employees, that follow the ACAS code of practice.
  • If an employee successfully brings a claim against you and you have not followed the ACAS code, the award you must pay them can be increased.
  • Our expert employment team will explain the implications of the ACAS code for you, and make sure your policies and procedures minimise the chance of an employee successfully claiming against you.

What is a disciplinary and grievance process?

Disciplinary and grievances are processes that address and resolve workplace issues such as misconduct, performance concerns and discrimination. Disciplinary processes deal with disciplinary action against employees, while grievance procedures handle complaints raised by employees.

Are your disciplinary and grievance policies up to date?

As an employer you need to ensure you have clear written disciplinary and grievance rules and procedures to deal with employee performance and conduct.

The policies and procedures should explain what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace and what action will be taken if the rules are broken. They must also follow the ACAS code of practice. An employee could bring a range of employment claims against you. If an award is made following a successful claim and you have failed to follow the ACAS code of practice, that award could be increased.

How Moore Barlow can help

We understand there is some uncertainty, as the law doesn’t say exactly how you should investigate disciplinary issues or hold disciplinary meetings. However, our employment solicitors are experts in advising businesses in the process they’re required to follow, so we can explain and clarify the implications of the ACAS code of practice for your business.

We will ensure you understand your position as well as your employees’ rights, so you can be confident you are following a fair process that will minimise the chance of an employee bringing a successful claim against you.

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