Providing a well-prepared and robust defence at an employment tribunal, if an employee brings a claim against you

  • Defending a claim at an employment tribunal can be time-consuming, costly and potentially damaging to your reputation.
  • If you are unable to negotiate a settlement beforehand, you will need to have a well-prepared case with all the necessary evidence.
  • We can save you time and stress by expertly preparing your case, ensuring all the correct procedures are followed and representing you at the tribunal.

When an employee brings a claim against your business and you are unable to negotiate a settlement, you will have to defend it at an employment tribunal. Defending the case can be very time-consuming and of course, you still need to focus on running your business. Having a claim brought against you could also damage your business’s reputation.

It is vital to ensure you follow the correct procedures. We will provide expert advice and support throughout the process and do everything possible to mitigate any damage which may be caused.

How we help reduce the pressure

We will work hard to negotiate with the employee and their lawyers to reach a settlement if appropriate. If we are unable to reach a settlement, we can still present the employee with a last-minute settlement just before the hearing. We will discuss this offer with you first, and ensure it provides the best chance of a settlement.

If a last-minute settlement is agreed, the tribunal will often offer to record its terms of the settlement so you have proof of the deal should you need to refer to it later. We can help you with this process.

An employment tribunal can seem stressful, as you will probably have to speak to provide your evidence. We can eliminate much of this stress by ensuring you are fully prepared beforehand. Our expert employment solicitors will complete all the case preparation, draft the legal documentation, draft witness statements and act as your representative at the tribunal.

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