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Our team of experienced employment lawyers are well-versed in handling boardroom disputes and can provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate the situation with confidence.

  • Boardroom disputes can cause significant damage to your position within a business, so finding a solution as soon as possible is of vital importance.
  • We will ensure that you are in the best position to protect your role as director or to negotiate your exit if that is in your interests.

What is a boardroom dispute?

A boardroom dispute is a disagreement or conflict that arises between members of a company’s board of directors. These disputes may involve issues such as strategic direction, management of resources, or allocation of responsibilities. Boardroom disputes can be disruptive to the company and may impact its ability to function effectively.

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Are you involved in a boardroom dispute and struggling to see a way forward?

The law on boardroom disputes can be complicated, as it may depend on how the company was set up, your own contract or service agreement, and whether the articles of association outline the process to be followed in relation to boardroom disputes or the potential removal of your role as director.

Helping you find a solution

Resolving boardroom disputes can be complicated and sensitive. We understand it may be a very stressful situation for you, as the process can be lengthy and bitter.

It is often the case that the longer the dispute continues, the greater the damage that could potentially be caused to both you as an individual and the business. By seeking early expert legal advice, the chances to negotiate a resolution that all parties can agree to are greater. If the situation can’t be resolved, we will ensure that the necessary process is followed correctly, and we will maximise your negotiation position when discussing an exit package.

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Why choose our boardroom dispute solicitors?

Here at Moore Barlow, our boardroom dispute solicitors have a proven track record of successfully resolving complex and sensitive disputes involving senior executives and directors. With a deep understanding of the legal and commercial issues at stake, our team provides strategic advice and practical solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, and our reputation for excellence is reflected in our numerous industry accolades and client testimonials. Choose us for expert guidance and effective representation in your boardroom dispute.

How can our boardroom dispute solicitors help?

If you need a boardroom dispute solicitor, we can provide expert legal advice and representation to senior executives and directors who are facing disputes within their organisations. We understand the complexities of these situations and work to find the best possible outcome for our clients. Our team has a wealth of experience in handling disputes related to employment law, corporate governance, and shareholder rights. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests and achieving a successful resolution to their disputes.

With our expert staff based across our offices in LondonRichmondSouthamptonGuildfordLymington, and Woking we offer specialist employment law advice to clients nationwide.

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