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We understand that managing the affairs of vulnerable people can be a complex and sensitive matter.

Our team of experienced lawyers are dedicated to providing expert advice and support to those who are responsible for the welfare of elderly and vulnerable individuals who lack mental capacity.

  • If you are responsible for looking after the interests of a vulnerable person, such as someone affected by a stroke or dementia, you will know that it requires trust and sensitivity.
  • Managing the affairs of vulnerable people requires solicitors whose empathy and dedication are just as important as their legal expertise.
  • We have a specialist full-time Court of Protection team to help you over long periods of time, in order to ensure that your loved ones are receiving the best support available.

Looking after a vulnerable person, whether it be the result of illness or accident, can be a difficult situation to manage. If you look after a vulnerable person, it is likely that you also manage their financial affairs. Similarly, if you are a member of the family of a child who has been left severely injured and therefore awarded compensation, you may need help with the organisation of the child’s day-to-day needs such as care, education, living arrangements and general welfare.

Managing the affairs of vulnerable people is a highly specialised area of the law, which is where our expert team can help. We can provide you with clear and practical support over a long period of time, to give you peace of mind that your loved ones are receiving the very best care and support.

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Nicola Turner

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What is elderly vulnerable legal care?

Elderly vulnerable legal care refers to legal support and advice for elderly individuals who are vulnerable, either due to age or health. This includes issues related to inheritance, wills, power of attorney, and protection from financial exploitation.

Why choose our elderly and vulnerable client affairs solicitors?

Choosing our elderly and vulnerable client affairs solicitors means you are selecting a team of experts who understand the complexities and sensitivities of managing the affairs of vulnerable people. We provide tailored advice and support to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, whilst also prioritising their dignity and autonomy. Our compassionate approach and extensive experience in mental incapacity law make us the ideal choice for those seeking reliable and trustworthy legal representation.

How can our elderly and vulnerable client affairs solicitors help?

Our elderly and vulnerable client affairs solicitors can provide expert advice and support in managing the affairs of those who are mentally incapacitated. We understand the complexities of this sensitive area and can offer guidance on issues such as lasting powers of attorney, deputyship applications, and Court of Protection matters. Our aim is to ensure that vulnerable individuals receive the best possible care and protection for their assets.

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