NHS Continuing Healthcare funding

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In this podcast, Nicholas Endean from Moore Barlow’s Community care team explores the topic of NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. As well as listening to this podcast, Read Nicholas’s full blog on this topic.

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding, whereby if eligible, ensures all associated care needs are paid for by the NHS. As the name implies in the first instance you need to be able to show that someone’s needs are primarily healthcare based. If so, it means care home fees or care agency fees will all be met by the NHS as healthcare is free in the UK at the point of access.

It is however an extremely complicated and jargon-heavy process and one that requires a thorough examination of someone’s needs. Due to the increase in the individuals who sadly develop the disease, we at Moore Barlow we are seeing a rise in people being of the mistaken belief that just because a loved one has a diagnosis of dementia then they will never be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

This is, quite simply, not true.

How Moore Barlow can help

At Moore Barlow we specialise in CHC applications and appeals and offer a free preliminary assessment on eligibility. Please contact us our expert team for more information.