Protecting your assets when you’re facing divorce or separation

Dealing with any divorce or separation can be a very difficult time in life. If you, or your partner, have significant wealth, the process of divorce can become even more complex than usual, with multiple properties, assets, finances and interests that need to be dealt with. If you have children, this can add to the complexity of the situation, with maintenance agreements, living arrangements and other factors, such as education costs, to be decided.

Thinking clearly and making the right decisions in this situation can be difficult, but we are here to help give you back a sense of control and make the entire process seem more manageable with our high net worth family solicitor services, which are tailored to your needs.

If you or your partner are considered to be wealthy, legal advice for divorce will mirror that for any other couple to a certain degree, but there are likely to be additional factors or challenges that not every firm of solicitors are used to handling. Our team of experienced high net worth solicitors are familiar with all of the complexities involved with divorce and separation of those with significant wealth or a large number of assets, and we can provide all of the support you need to find the best possible outcome from the situation.

How Moore Barlow can help?

Some of the issues that we regularly assist with in these types of cases include:

  • Divorce
  • Properties
  • Pensions
  • Child maintenance, including issues related to school fees and/or lifestyle choices
  • Personal assets
  • Trusts
  • Business assets
  • Global assets
  • Inheritances

It’s important to seek expert legal advice as soon as you start considering divorce or receive notice of proceedings from your spouse. You may need to act quickly if your partner is about to start transferring any property or disposing of other assets, to try and stop you benefitting from them in any financial settlement.

Our family legal experts are ranked in Tier 1 in Legal 500 for Family Law

Legal 500 – “Moore Barlow LLP’s team can handle the full spectrum of family law matters, including nuptial agreements and broader wealth protection where corporate and other assets are involved and is increasingly advising on overseas assets.”

How do you issue or respond to high net worth divorce proceedings?

If you wish to issue divorce proceedings, the earlier you receive expert legal advice about your personal situation, the better. We can advise you on all of the aspects that you need to consider, some of which will vary, depending on your individual circumstances. For example, if one or both parties no longer reside in the UK, or if you were married in another country, you may need to consider where it will be best to issue divorce proceedings.

If you need to respond to divorce proceedings issued to you by your spouse or partner, we can advise on the best way for you to do this, taking your own situation and all related considerations into account.

Due to the complexity of many divorces or separations when a high net worth individual is involved, they can sometimes take longer than standard settlements, but we endeavour to help the process move as quickly as possible, so you can start to move on with your life sooner.

Using Mediation for high net worth divorces

It’s usually least disruptive for all involved (especially children) to try and agree on all of the details that need to be settled in a divorce by using an independent, trained mediator. Mediation sessions aim to resolve any areas of conflict surrounding the decisions that need to be made, such as arrangements for children or financial settlements.

Members of our high net worth family solicitor team are accredited mediators, able to guide you through this flexible and bespoke process. Mediation is considered to be a less confrontational way of handling divorce proceedings than going to court. For divorces that involve children, mediation can be a way to deal with decisions that could otherwise cause conflict.

Using a collaborative approach for high net worth divorces

The collaborative approach for divorce arrangements means that both parties and your respective solicitors meet face to face to discuss any points of settlement between you. These usually involve children and finances. These meetings are designed to be constructive, helping both parties to explore different options to move forward, within a managed environment and with the legal support required on hand. Several of our family law team are accredited collaborative solicitors who can help you with this process.

The arbitration process – supported by high net worth divorce solicitors

As an alternative to going to court over your divorce, using arbitration can help both parties to reach an agreed outcome, even if mediation or a collaborative approach have not worked or have not been right for your circumstances. An independent arbitrator is chosen by the couple, and they essentially act as a ‘judge’ to decide on fair arrangements. The arbitrator’s decision in these proceedings is final, and both parties need to agree to be bound by whatever this decision is.

If you choose arbitration for your divorce arrangements to be settled, Moore Barlow can help you with expert legal advice and support, at every step of the process. We have offices in Southampton, London, Guildford, Woking, Lymington and Richmond and offer specialist family law assistance to clients nationwide. Contact us for more information.