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Whether you’re enquiring about writing your own will or seeking help regarding someone else’s, our team of solicitors in Southampton are here to help.

Have you made sure that your loved ones will be properly cared for after you die? It’s vital that you’ve ensured your estate will be going to the right people, with clear plans in place and a valid will that means your wishes can be carried out if you pass on.

To do this you must write a will that is legally binding, stipulating which family members or loved ones you want to receive inheritance, as well as other unconventional requests i.e., you may want residuals donated to an organisation or charity. If you need help writing your will, as well as appointing an executor and understanding the legal process, our wills, trusts, and estates team in Southampton can help you with whatever you might need.

Here at Moore Barlow, our will writing solicitors in Southampton can provide you with some of the best legal services in the South of England, offering great resources and advice so that you can make informed decisions for you and your family. You may be looking to provide a secure future for those you love or make a contribution to your local community, whatever you decide to do our team in Southampton can ensure it will be successfully carried out.

If you are in Southampton, our firm can help you plan for the future with confidence, especially if there are young children that must be considered. Deciding who will look after any children in your care is an important and vital decision to be made, and at Moore Barlow we can help you to put these plans in place. We have a number of firms across the South of England, including an office in Southampton, so that you can have access to our legal support and advice whenever you might need it.

We know that writing your will can be tricky, and many people are unsure where they should start, which is why our Southampton team offer fantastic will writing services. Having specialist skills and the expertise to help you write a will that perfectly reflects your thoughts and requests, our solicitors at Moore Barlow can give you a better understanding of your options, as well as simplify jargon that you may find overly complicated or confusing.

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Why choose Moore Barlow’s will writing solicitors in Southampton?

We can give you peace of mind and advise you on minimising your tax liabilities when you or your spouse pass away. We will put the right structures in place, so that you can plan for the future with confidence and pass assets on to your children and grandchildren in the most tax efficient way.

We can guide you through the process of writing or updating a will, always ensuring that the instructions we follow are yours, and that you are free to give them without pressure from others.

Our expert wills, trusts, and estates solicitors are also based in our offices in LondonLymingtonGuildfordRichmond and Woking and can offer specialist support on a local, national, and international level.

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