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Specialising in will writing, our solicitors based in Lymington offer expert legal advice to help you and your family.

Whether you are writing your will for long-term or short-term purposes it can be a stressful and difficult time in your life, as you’ll have to make important decisions that will affect the future of your family and loved ones after you die. You’ll want to make sure that those you care about are properly looked after when you pass on, planning out how your estate will be divided and who will inherit what. You may also want to include more unconventional requests, such as donating your residuals to a local organisation or charity, which may require different documentation.

If you live in or around Lymington, you might be looking for legal experts who can help you with writing your will, something which we can help with. At Moore Barlow, we have a fantastic team of solicitors who specialise in wills, trusts, and estates, so that you have access to any resources you might need and make sure you have a secure plan for the future in place. We can also cater for cases that require sensitivity and care, in situations where young children may be involved, or terminal illness may have to be considered.

With the help of our team in Lymington, you can have access to legal support and advice close to home, which can helpful during what can be a difficult and emotional time in your life. We can also provide you with an individualised service, understanding that this can be a deeply personal area of the law.

Finally, one of our most useful services available at our Lymington office is will-writing. With much of legal documentation shrouded in industry jargon and complicated language, you might be nervous about writing your will or unsure where to start, which is where our team can help. We can provide you with a solicitor who has experience compiling documents like this and who can give you a better understanding of your options.

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Why choose Moore Barlow’s will writing solicitors in Lymington?

Choosing our wills, trusts, and estates team in our Lymington office means you will have access to a more personalised service, one that aims to understand your individual situation and give you the peace of mind you need. We can offer advice on specific areas, such as who will be given legal guardianship of young children and how best to minimise your tax liabilities when you or your spouse pass away.

We can guide you through the process of writing or updating a will, always ensuring that the instructions we follow are yours, and that you are free to give them without pressure from others.

Our expert wills, trusts, and estates solicitors are also based in our offices in SouthamptonLondonGuildfordRichmond and Woking and can offer specialist support on a local, national, and international level.

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