The collaborative process

What is the collaborative process? You and your ex-partner will instruct specially trained collaboratively lawyers, both you and your lawyers will have meetings to work things out rather than sending letters to each other. These are known as ‘four way’ meetings.

Are there any formalities?

Everyone signs an agreement to work in the collaborative way.

Will there be financial disclosure?

Yes, you each agree to give full and frank disclosure to the other.

Can others join the meetings?

Yes it’s very common to bring in to the meetings accountants, financial advisors / planners and therapists as well as other legal experts including barristers.

How many meetings are there?

This is flexible depending upon the complexity of the issues but between three and five meetings is common.

You feel supported by your lawyer but also able to participate in the conversations, you can raise issues that wouldn’t be considered in court proceedings but which are important for you and your family.

Why use Moore Barlow?

As a firm we focus on resolving your issues in the best way for your family. We are leaders in our field, we are all members of Resolution, we work in a constructive non-confrontational way with a focus on the best interests of your children.

Mediation & collaborative approach brochure

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