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  • A settlement agreement may be used by an employer to terminate the contract of an employee on an agreed set of terms. This is sometimes, but not always, done to resolve an employment dispute.
  • It’s required that you take independent legal advice before signing a settlement agreement as it might include clauses that require you to sign away specific employment rights in return for a lump sum.
  • Our team of settlement agreement solicitors in Woking will help ensure you receive expert advice on the deal that you’ve been offered and whether the recompense is fair in the circumstances.

If you’re offered a settlement agreement (which used to be called a compromise agreement) by your Woking employer, you won’t be able to sign it until you have received legal advice. This is to make sure that you’re fully aware of the implications for any potential employment rights you are signing away if you choose to accept the agreement.

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract that essentially terminates the employment contract of an employee under specified terms. The employee must take legal advice before signing a settlement agreement.

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Your settlement agreement solicitors in Woking

Settlement agreements are often used if there is an ongoing dispute with your employer. Alternatively, they may wish to use a settlement agreement instead of going down the redundancy route, or they may have another business reason for choosing this path. You are not obliged to sign the settlement agreement in Woking if you don’t think that it’s a fair offer, or if you instead wish to bring an employment tribunal claim against your employer, but specialist legal advice will help you to make an informed choice about the best way forward for you, in your own individual circumstances.

Our experienced settlement agreement team in Woking will take you through the agreement you have been offered to ensure that every clause is understood and that the sum of money being offered is fair in the circumstances. Anyone who is offered a settlement agreement in Woking can access specialist advice from our solicitors to ensure they are fully equipped to make an informed decision about what to do next.

If you don’t believe that the offer that has been made is fair, in terms of the sum that your employer will pay you in return for waiving the right to bring a claim against them in the future, our team of Woking settlement agreement solicitors can help negotiate with your employer. This can help make sure that you get the best package possible as you move on to the next step of your career.

What if a settlement agreement is breached?

Settlement agreements are legally binding once signed, so if either you or your employer break the terms that have been agreed to, there can be significant consequences.

For example, if you break a confidentiality clause in the agreement by telling someone about what is included in the deal, you might find yourself having to repay the sum of money paid out to you and you could be subject to a legal claim. On the other hand, if your employer breaks any of the terms that relate to them, such as by not paying you the full amount promised, you are able to make a claim against them as they are in breach of the agreement.

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Why do you need legal advice before signing a settlement agreement in Woking?

Settlement agreements can be complex and, especially if you’ve never dealt with one before, it can be difficult to work out whether you are being offered a fair package or not. An experienced employment law solicitor in Woking will be able to offer an independent assessment of the deal on the table, weighed up against your individual situation and the action you could potentially take if you were not to sign the agreement.

As everyone’s circumstances are different, the right decision for you might not be the same as someone else’s in a similar situation. With the benefit of expert legal advice to look after your interests, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice for you, so you can start to focus instead on whatever is next for you in your career.

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At Moore Barlow, our dedicated team of solicitors specialises in assisting individuals in navigating various employment issues, including termination of employment and settlement agreements. Our expert advice and guidance can help you understand your rights and options when facing such situations in Woking. Whether you are an employee seeking advice on negotiating the terms of a settlement agreement, or an employer looking to ensure compliance with legal requirements, our experienced solicitors are here to support you. We can provide tailored solutions to protect your interests, ensuring a fair resolution and minimising potential risks. Trust our solicitors to deliver comprehensive and reliable legal assistance.

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Our experienced solicitors in Woking specialise in settlement agreements, providing expert advice and support to employees facing termination of employment. We assist individuals from various industries and sectors, ensuring their rights are protected and securing the best possible settlement terms.

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